A Demon’s Claws és King Khan egy német iskolában.
What was it like being back in school on hallucinogens?  >t ovább gomb >

 ( Néhány mondat mi is volt ez valójában. Kedvenc kanadai fanzinomból a MONGREL ‘zinbőll átvéve.)

MZ: As described in Standard Issue Mag #7: After a gig in Germany where the backstage was trashed with apples by crazy antics after the band dropped acid, and later clothes were burned in a big pagan fire as offerings to the spirit of St. Laurent you sneak into a school and play for some kids. What the fuck happened? King Khan was there of course!

JEFF: It was actually a terrible night. Brian and the driver went nuts and rampaged while I was upstairs engaged in a psychological war with the tour manager Sofia (who I was in love with). She was glaring at me on acid… then I had a bath with King Khan. Then the cops circled the place. Then Brian arrived and pried the chain wallet from the pocket of the promoter who was passed out, he had one foot on the guy and the wallet fully extended screaming, “Did he pay us?? DID HE PAY US?!” Then he would leave and you could hear him and the driver downstairs like raccoons tearing through the larder. I was terrified, especially when I could hear them coming back up the stairs. You never knew what they were going to do or say. Finally Brain arrived announcing we had a show in ten mins.

PAT: St-Laurent (The Martyr) told the king to shove it up his… His last words were: “Turn me over I’m crisp on this side… turn me over if you want me well done”. Khan told me, “That’s the most punk thing I ever heard!” After St-Laurent died he cried a Météor rain… after drinking a weird potion in a village somewhere in Germany with Khan everything came clear that King Khan was the King, BBQ was the iron stove, I (Pat Météor) was the Fiery Tear of St-Laurent, and Jeff (Demon’s Claws singer) was Jesus and we went on and on and on! Montréal is an Island surrounded by the St-Lawrence River… we’re surrounded by the Fiery Tears of St-Laurent… does that make sense? That justifies the Montréal scene… So I said, we have now to make the song. A year after, Khan and I wrote and recorded the song and the chorus is the last words of St-Laurent:

“Lawrence is said to have been martyred on an iron outdoor stove. During his torture Lawrence cried out “I am already roasted on one side and, if thou wouldst have me well cooked, it is time to turn me on the other.”

Check out the song “Ballad of The St-Laurent River” that King Khan and me wrote and recorded with Broke Down Engine after this spiritual trip. It’s on Myspace.

MZ: You must have been feeling extra crispy from the bonfire! After ceremoniously burning your clothes in a huge bonfire were you glad you had a spare set when you went to that German Anne Frank school? Did the teacher bust you and make you play to the class as a sort of community service? What was it like being back in school on hallucinogens?

JEFF: “Put you fucking pants on, you’re not going into a school like that,” Brian said. “But Brian I burnt my pants!” said me. “Fuck you then, eat a bag of dicks!” His face was twisted. Finally I got some pants from Sofia. The rest you kind of know. Except the end when it’s over and Piero goes back into the school and kicks in all the doors of the classrooms wearing tights and white dandy shoes looking for a lost cell phone.

BRIAN: Yes this is true. Our driver Cram was sneaking around the school thinking it was some sort of factory and when Khan saw him I ran to intercept the teacher (who was arriving at school at this point) to do damage control and we just got into a conversation and she ended up inviting us to play for her students, she was awesome! We even gave away some records and autographs afterwards.

PAT: Something that happens once in a lifetime… I was standing up on my amp playing Demon’s Claws set with King Khan, watching the teacher playing shakers insanely hahaha while Piero was watching school girl with his scary look.

MZ: Did those kids really hate you guys?

BRIAN: Half of them loved it and half didn’t seem to really care, they were probably happy just to not be doing schoolwork







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