Tehát. Soronkövetkező, április másodikai szeánszunkra az olasz A FLOWER KOLLAPSED nevezetű olasz nemtudommilyen zenét játszó társaságot hívtuk meg. Hogy tisztuljon a kép ajánlom elolvasni a zenekarral készült villáminterjút és letölteni legutóbbi két albumukat innen >>  KLIKK !!!
interjú >tovább

 – Hi Andrea! please introduce the band. whos are in and who play what?
– We are just 4 simple guys who like to share the same interests on music, we are friend and we join to play together.
   Matteo is the drummer, Andrea play the bas, Riccardo guitar, Carlo sings.

  – you are from italy, but what part, which city?

  – Well, at the moment our practice room is located at Riccardo’s home in Cosniga (Treviso). It’s at north-east of Italy.

  – what’s going on there? are there more bands from there you can recormmend?
  – Where we live, there’re few good bands but all of them really rock! We suggest you to listen G.I.JOE, Lucertulas,
     Smart Cops, In Zaire and Squadra Omega.
  -do you like to live there?

  – Live here it’s ok because we have a lot of friends who are into underground music, there are good lebels such as     secondsleep.org vonarchives.com, good sound projects such as OTTAVEN kamhassah and sometime some good shows.

 – what are you doing exceptplaying in A Flower Kollapsed ?
 – different works, some of them not legal 🙂

 – are you involved in ozher bands/project?

 – Riccardo play in Lettera22 a new noise project and in Orfanado with Alessandro the bass  

    pleyer of G.I.JOE.
 – how long have you guys been together as a band?
 – Since 2004
– do you play many shows and did you tour outside of italy?
– Usally we don’t play so often, about once in a mounth. yes, we have been in tour 4 times: we have been in almost all 
   europe but we wanna do more.
 – your music is really weird, you mix a lot of things. what are your main influences, what are the things you listening  

 – It’s pretty difficult to say because we use to listen a lot of different music. At the beginning we were used to listen Metal  

   hard-core like Converge, Coalesce and a lot of Botch but we guess our main influences have been the punk hard-core from
   the end of 90’s. we have listened bands such as Fugazi, don caballero, shellac, the crimson curse, swing kids.

   RNR666 rorsach test !!! Look at the picture and tell (write) that you see!

                                                                                          – It’s look like a mask.

– how are santa fiora guys? they showed your music to us.

– They have split off in december. we are all sad for this but i know that they are planning something else..let’s see..

– you’ ve quite lot of releases, mostly on vinyl. do you like this format, maybe are you collectors? 

– No absolutly, we are not collectors even if we buy a lot of recs. the reason of why we releases a lot of vinyl is that we have 

  found some good lebels who have give us this oportunity and of course we like the format, it improves the value of the music
  and it makes the music touchable, a real thing.
– any final thing you’ d like to add?
– yes, thank a lot for the interview, we have fun and we can’t wait to play there.


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