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Na, a következő interjú még tavaly ( 2009 ) októberben készült, azóta annyi változott csupán, hogy az érintett zenekar feloszlott. Úgyhogy kurvára sajnálhatja mindenki aki nem volt ott 2009 március 25. én a Kamra Klubban, ugyanis ilyen szuper, beindult garage punk zenekart, hááát nem sokat hordott a hátán a Föld!  Amúgy a koncert egy vidám, részeg hőbörgés volt mindkét fél részéről. Esés, kelés, hason fekvés a színpad előtt, sör locsolás, csúszkálás, ordítozás.    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 NO BEER, NO FUN !!!!
Interview    tovább

Az interjú Luca- val a billentyűs / teremines twister- el készült.           The Ultra Twist on myspace

I think you are not a very political band, but you’ve an anti-Bush song. If you like it or not, but he was  the president of the USA for 8 years. You were in the states now.  How the Americans are stupid?  #o#o#o#
They’re stupid in them way like italian people have own way to be stupid.
Most of people of this world are stupid.

You are after a massive Us tour. What was that period of the tour when you were most drunk, most high, most tired, most dumbfounded?  


I wasn’t not so much drunk ’cause the cheap beers there are so light..so you drink and piss and you can’t go drunk.
I was high for almost all the tour. I like so much touring see new places..know new people…I think that”s the best thing you can do in your life.
It happened many times after a gig when we leaved the town where we had a gig to go to play in next city…8-10 even 12-14 hours of trip at night…quite hard to do…but you know i don’t care about that..we did all tour and I’m so proud about that.
Every day there was new ….no routine like can happen when you have to live and work in your town.
We were so lucky ’cause in the highway on Portland way the tyres exploded and van spinned right around but we stopped before fall in the precipice.
– I know you are primitive cavemen, but how clean everybody on the road?
So hard to do it…and It was very hot too.
We were 8th people in the van and a lot of stuff.
In all tour i had very few showers..i don’t remember exactly the number.
– Did you buy records ( records are cheep in Us, i think).  Some good hunt?
Sure…fuck yea!
They’re so cheap. The music culture there is so rad…not like in italy.
The young people start to play in a band very early and most of them from the start try to play them music…sure there is a lot shit around but the underground scene in US is a very very strong in all kind of music.
The 1t christmas present for a son can be a drum or guitar not a soccer ball like in fucking italy.
In Detroit i found for few $ the Mudhoney live 7" with the "revolution"  song inside (Spacemen 3 cover).
Could you speak about your tourmate, Pipsqueak‘s guys? They seems like so young. Do they         plan europian tour maybe?
Yea…the’re kids..from 18 to 23.
They’re great a rad mix from Rolling Stones / Beach Boys and many other old stuff  with punk attitude…but like almost every kids in california they have the sun in them face…nice guys. I love them.
They made a tape for Burger Records and will be out very soon a 7" for austrian label Bachelor Records…i think they will come soon in europe, i hope so.
– Did you play with great bands ( in US ) what was the most amazing ? what you didn’t know       before maybe
Yea..there are a lot of good bands.
I think the best band was Wheels on Fire from Athens a small city in Ohio…i didn’t know them before, they are very great punk blues band and nice people too.
– Crazy stories, crazy people, crazy crazies ??????
Yea all them…but too long to speak about everything.
Crazy people meet other crazy people like we meet you and Marty in Budapest..then shit happens!
– Best beer , best food in US ?
I don’t know…but beer there seem the same…like worst water.
Best food it’s Burrito…but you know it’s not from US…Cheap & Good! Love it!
– Worst beer , worst food in US ?
Mcdonalds like everywhere.
– I heard lot of times, club owners (in US) not friendly with bands. Is it true? Whats your experience?
Sure! It’s true.
Quite almost of the venues where we played sucks..they don’t care at all about bands, they don’t give food & money and place to sleep….but you know now in italy it’s the same.
We toured all europe-england and almost everywhere things goes in this way.
There are very few place good and when you find them you’re so much happy, like we did in a squat in Chicago..so fuck the venues & agency and the booking men, the important thing it’s don’t stop what you do..a crap situation give us much will to make things.
Many people don’t like Berlusconi too. What do you think il sindaco of Siena?

– Idézett szöveg elrejtése –
He’s the worst shit. He’svery stupid and fascist even if he’s from the left.
– How was musical your childhood?
Very crappy. TV gove me the worst shit and my father liked only italian pop songwriter and the Beatles.

– What was the first instrument that you used? And what was the band where you played? And what was the genre?
I think flute and Bontempi keyboard at highschool.
I did stuff by myself till later kind oh experimental and primitive electronic i think punk..sure punk.
Later i did Cabernet Voltaire very noisy free form open project..many people played in CV..It was amazing.

– Signore Lev Sergeievitch! How began the acquaintance with Theremin? Please let’s introduce him (or her)!  
When i started to live in Siena i knew Falconx the most crazy man that i knew in all my life.
He maded my theremin and he introduced me to a lot of psychedelic r’n’r’ stuff.
I’m so grateful to him..now it’s a kind of older brother…and he saved my ass many times ’cause i always broke stuff…he can repair and build everything…he’s a genius but a very modest man. thanx to him forever.

–  E.X.P. ( Luca egyik korábbi zenekara) was a great band. What was the cause of the transformation?
Life changes..everything changes.
e.x.p. was very great band, much 70th style and psychedelic but same attitude of UT.
e.x.p maded not many gigs around, but the people that saw us can remember well what e.x.p were, i think one of the best italian band of last years but quite unknow.

– How many bands where you play and how many aka name have you?  
Too many!
At the moment 3 abnds and 3 aka name.

– Why Sergei Nazarovitch Bubka?  
It’s Bubca not Bubka…at the start was Bubka…but you know i’m not communist ( not catholic or ecc ecc…I’m not!) so i change the K in C
It was a joke happened outside our practice room. I was trying to made pole-vault.with a wrong pole and Roberto said "BUBKAAAAA"; from that situation come the name of Bubca Records, my illegal label.

– You live like a big family or a hipster commune. How can you do it? Don’t you go on each other’s nerve?
I’m living in a popular house with other 5 people and sure It’s not easy, it’s much like anarchist commune where we share everything but I can do it only because i have other room where i can play and make my stuff. When will be possible I would to live in a small house in countryside, where i could play and make noise without that nobody give me shit. 
–   How do you spend a tipical day in Siena?

Siena it’s amazing if you never been here!
To live it’s the worst place..a small city that lives still in the medieval era.
Like in every town, we have to work to pay rent & food & shit.
DON’T WORK NEVER someone wrote in the past…this would be my way of life but i’m not rich so i’m trying to work the less is possible to make the money that i need to made my shit.
I’m working at university like videomaker – graphic designer  ecc ecc but i have to do other stuff to earn enough money.

– From who “ no beer no fun “ ?
Nico wrote this song…i don’t remember from where it comes…sure ’cause we love beer and fun…but you have to ask him.

What is the story behind that foto where King Khan hold your 7” ?
I’m doing a radiozine called CELLARADIO – La Cantina del Rock and i was to that venue to saw his gig and interview him.
I gove him NBNF like a present…King Khan is a nice guy!

– Who was in the psychiatric institute of Siena at first and why?
Mad people from the last century ’cause they were  dangerous for the society,
Now this space it’s kind of recovered space to make different activities like music, theatre ecc ecc…
….but you know we’re dangerous too for the society…’cause we’re out of the standard way of life.

The Great RNR666 Rorsach Parade!

 – Look at the picture and talk (write) that you see!
God  & Dog!



– Sould you talk about your newest project ( rnr terrorists, mono rec., thee dements )
Love them all!
thee Dements is a fabulous duo, a punk duo. We play only for fun but i think that we made great songs too.
Our 1st 7" is out for Bubca Records and next month we will record the lp that will be out for our new label Mono Records.
You can listen thee Dements here: www.myspace.com/theedements
I think that Mono Records it the most radical label around…you can read complete info here: www.myspace.com/monoirecordz … and please send stuff!!!
R’n’R’ terrorists is the best unknow italian band around… they play blues covers from the start of last century in a punk way.
I saw them first time  last may…they did a gig with Ultra Twist… i loved from the 1st song that i heard…then kidding i said them: i want to play with YOU!! And they say: Sure come to our practice room and play…and i did it!
Very soon will be out a cd limited editon coproduction R’n’R’ ts / Bubca Records
You can listen them here: www.myspace.com/rnrterrorists
– Something about your short films…. i mean tab_ularasa.
Before that i started with music i started with collages, photomontage and videos.
I make videos like i play music in the same exactly way  and with the same attitude.
You can see my stuff here: www.youtube.com/playthekazoo
  or here: www.vimeo.com/fuckcinema
– What was your first touch with this garage / trash shit? oblivians, mummies maybe?
I think Mudhoney that maded old punk-garage cover…but sure i love Mummies, Oblivian ecc ecc…
– Favorite new and old italian band?

The new :R’n’R’ terrorist…before that i was in.
the old: from the 80ies:  Pikes in Panic, i think one of the best garage band ever in the world. (www.myspace.com/pikesinpanic)
& from the 90ies: Morticia’s Lovers..Supercharger – mummies styles..amazing stuff (www.myspace.com/themorticiaslovers)

– 10 – 15 years ago i know only few italian band ( nox, F:A:R, MGZ, gruppo trasversale ), but last 5 years i found many-many great band like mojomatics, movie star junkies, rippers and many more.
  how do you see, italian rnr underground nowdays and in the past?

It’s no bad…but i think like the past few bands and everyone know each others.
thanx for the answers Pali

BUBCA RECORDS is pleased to announce that now you can download for free almost our older stuff sold out
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