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Mi Van???
Az első fecske a francia MOtored    
interjú tovább

Who is who in the band, and who plays what
we are two,Lemi plays guitar and i "zouk man love"plays percussion",only floor tom and snare.
– Are you from Perpignan?
we are not from perpignan but they really want to be our friend…and we don”””’t. we play in perpignan the o6/o3/1o
When did you start MOtored?
-We strart to play just one year before,cause we want free beers……………..
How was the tour with Les Hulks?
about the tour with the hulks,that was cool,but my english is not so good to tell you how it was…but we have plenty of picture  you willmaybe see one day….like everybody..
If i say BEER, what your answer?
– if you say beer,we answer "MORE
– How many releases do you have, and what is the next for Motored ?
– we gonna record in a few weeks,cause we are maybe bad,but not so bad….

–  Any final thing you’d like to add?
we really want to come and play in Budapest. but stop me if i’m wrong,but i think that i know you,’cause i was the driver of the fabulous "demons claws" when they played in budapest,and i think that you organize the show…only nice time….
( És tényleg! Mondjuk nem a Demon’s Claws, hanem a Jack Of Heart / Tunnel Of Love vót az. )


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