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interjú az énekessel tovább gomb

Az interjú apropója a november 21. i szolnoki és a 21. i budapesti koncert.
Angolul, persze!

Hey Jeff! Who is who in the band, and who plays what ?

– the band is me Dale and and Arnaud from the weakends.

You and Dale have own bands ( Demon’s Claws, Chocolat, Red Mass ), could you tell me about them?

– i play in Demons claws , been around for years , and have played in europ four or five times now.
  its rockn roll counry punk music,  dale played in a band called chocolate, they broke up and then
  reformed a week later without him , if that tells you anything….
  . dale also in Red mass, he plays guitar , i play keybord.

Who playd in the past with you? I ve seen a pics where Piero, Stefano and Vinz playd with you.

– the first tour was just in italy . it was with Jack of heart and the dudes from movie star junkies.

Could you tell more about montreal scene?

– montreals amazing for music , tons of places to play and bands to play them , lots of out of town
  bands come here. i came here in 2001 and met Mark sultan and bloodshot bill and sexareeno peaple,  
  roy from rdd mass. its all one big family , we all help each other and do projects with one another,
  i think that the non competitve attitude is why bands in montreal do so well , it seems like in other
  citys band hate and conspire against the other ones..wich is fun but destructive in the end.

If i know well, your upcoming release put out soon. Is it 7" or tape?

– the 7inch is released on Telephone explosion record.  its just me last winter in bed with a recording
  machine and some guitar and drums.

Arnaud will play with you, that’s great! And Simon  ( The Weakends guitar player )played with Demons Eu tour. Are Weakeds and Demons so big friend?

– the weakends are our brothers , we fell in love last time in europe and then they came here. simon was
  amzing for us on gutar and arnaud will be great on drums for hellshovel im sure.

Why did’t play with you Pat ( Demon’s Claws guitar player ) on this Eu tour?

– pat was busy , he has a six month school to paint airplanes.

Your song ‘Rize and fall of Darth’ from where? Its very similar to an old hungarian sc-fi soundtrack. haha!

– the rize and fall of darth mauls what happens when i smoke pot and play with a key bord and a 4 track.

What do you know about Hungary? Do you know any hungarian?  At wwII and after 1956 revolution many
  hungarians emigrated to Canada.

– my best freind in junior high school was hungarian.  he drummed in my band when i was 16. his mom was
  so impressed she got us a gig at the Hungarian cultural center. when the gig finally came his dad had
  bought us beer and we got drunk and smoked up.  then we played "stay hungry" by twisted sister, beat up
  the president of the centers son and got my freinds family banned from the center.  they also kept his
  hungarian grama hosatge as a cook. she used to get pissed of when we jammed and we would just laugh at her,
  she would bitch in hungarian at us. we just laughed harder.   i always wanted to o to hungary with him.
  i hvent seen him in ten years . . . ill have a drink for him when im there, and another one for the poor
  old bitch grandmother.

If you would like to introduce Hell Shovel, what would to say?

– if i had to introduce us id say ,  Yabba dabba fuck you!

  looking forward to meeting you and seeing budapest. ive been want ing to go there for years





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