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Jimmy Trash has finally released his 2019 documentary ‘Hard Enough’, a film uncovering the link between a difficult family history, the pressure he felt to be a professional racer and the untold story of the Golden Era of Australian dirt track racing. We sat down with him to tell us about the making of the film.

So, first of all, what gave you the inspiration to make a film about sprint car racing? What was your initial approach?

I just wanted to make a second film with my mentor, Mario Bucci about this dirty, egomaniac and untold story of Sprint Car racing. But as soon as we started shooting, I realised it had to be about my father and I as well, which demanded lot deeper involvement than i imagined at first.

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How did the making of the film affect your family?

The film forced me to understand the world my father was saturated in for most of his lifetime that he lived parallel to his family life. And in turn he had to explain things about his own life that he never had to explain to anybody before about competition, addiction and fanaticism. Understanding his fanaticism helped me understand parts of my own personality as well. In the end it was healing after a difficult process.

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Why did more than two years pass by until the release of ‘Hard Enough’?

Hard Enough was my second film and the first one where i had the chance of a possible sale. I was completely naive to the process and fought two years with contract disagreements. But in the end it was more important to me that people see these unique perspectives of the old generation of racers that we managed to get together in this film and prove that they have a vulnerable side. I’m hoping to learn from my mistakes and sell my third film that is currently in pre-production.

Watch the full documentary ‘Hard Enough’ by Jimmy Trash & Mario Bucci!


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