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The making of the album VOUS ET NOUS was also full of twists and turns. It started out as a solo effort by Kabyle musician ARESKI. But little by little, as Areski was filling tapes with poems, improvised skits, electronic experiments, North African trance, refined acoustics and medieval drones BRIGITTE FONATAINE would sneak into the studio at nightfall, adding her voice here and there, her whispers and screams, giving fuel to the fire in a total surreal blaze. The album was originally released in 1977. Now you can get it from KYTHIBONG RECORDS. Anyway Fontaine also collaborated such acts as Stereolab, Jean-Claude Vannier, Gotan Project, Grace Jones or Sonic Youth of course.

On their blistering 7″ debut on 12XU RECORDS, Texan band MISSING PAGES channel the anxiety, exasperation, and jubilation born of those delicate moments in life when the casual comforts and routine are stripped away, forcing us to confront the ugly truth of who we really are.

3 —–

John Schooley‘s project ROCKET 808 is like Suicide adding Link Wray as a third band member. Debut single out now on 12XU RECORDS. Full-length album in early 2019. Anyway his moment in time, Schooley is the only person who can claim to have been a member of the Crypt, Goner, Sympathy For The Record Industry and 12XU rosters.

4 —-

Ground-zero Louisiana-born rocker LINDA GAIL LEWIS is the younger sister and frequent performing partner of Jerry Lee Lewis, whose piano innovations she carries forward. Her present-at-the-creation cred buoys the record while country musicians ROBBIE FULKS – who sings, plays, leads the band, writes most of the songs, and arranges the others – provides an anchoring sensibility, one that savors old sounds but sidesteps nostalgia on the album WILD! WILD! WILD! on BLOOODSHOT RECORDS (US)

5 —–

“TERRY is domesticity. TERRY romances the mundane. This is how romance ekes out a triumph amidst mundanity. That’s what Billy Bragg’s New England and Squeeze’s Up The Junction do. TERRY’s suburban escapism moment is Ciao Goodbye.” You can find it on TERRY’s third album I’M TERRY on UPSET THE RHYTHM RECORDS (UK)

6 —–

Cleveland based gutter pop band FASCINATING perfectly melds its sharp, no-bullshit pop sensibilities with the raw, in-the-red sound indelibly connected to the midwestern underground. Debut album COMMUNIST POWER on DIRTY WATER RECORDS (UK)

7 —–

PINK AIR is the new album from the distinctive and idiosyncratic New York cult band ELYSIAN FIELDS. Their 11th record is a post-apocalyptic rock & roll joyride will be released by OJET in the States and by MICROCULTURES RECORDS in France.

8 —–

Swedish band HATER‘s new album SIESTA is the perfect soundtrack for that summer romance and the inevitable break up.

9 —–

In some respects New Yorker ANAMON‘s self released debut album PURPLE, GREEN & YELLOW is the fruit of what the hardcore underground once promised to deliver us: the self-reliance, moxie, and quick/dirty recording ethic of the Minutemen and the Meat Puppets, coupled with Fleetwood Mac and Blue Oyster Cult’s flair for drama and sprinkled with the goosebumpy starlit twang old Crystal Gayle and Gram Parsons records give us.

10 —–

and that record is insane, Ivy Claudy the Female Singer is just a total wild woman! super crazy live show and she give you everything! and Buddy Fuzz the guitar player plays like a caveman… this is raw end of time punk no wave at its best!!! The SLOKS are a Super Raw Power Ultra Primitive Dirty Suicide Destructive Garage Punk No-Wave Trashed out Rock’n’Roll combo from Turin, Italy and their debut album out now on VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS (CH)

11 —–

JOSEPHINE FOSTER‘s new album FAITHFUL FAIRY HARMONY is a maze of spirituals, ritual prayers, blues laments, vestal hymns and jubilant benedictions.

12 —–

The 3 entreprenors of French trio THE WORLD stay on their ultra-liberal path with NIGHTS, their second album. Transhumanist synths, lyrics of winners, rhythms tuned to convince investors. Turn any car into an SUV. An ideal album to go with team building weekends, administration boards meetings and redundancy plans. it will release soon on KYTHIBONG RECORDS (F)

13 —–

SUPERHUMAN HAPPINESS is a musical collective led by Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Stuart Bogie (Arcade Fire, Iron and Wine, Antibalas). While the first album “Hands” has earned a reputation for ass-shaking, euphoric dance music, the new album BEACON takes a darker and more emotional turn. It is performed by musicians from Antibalas, Rubblebucket, Metropolitan Opera, Angelique Kidjo, Elysian Fields, War on Drugs, Darkside and more.

14 —–

Refined R&B grooves and defined jazz harmonies on New Yorker GADADU‘s second album OUTER SONG.

15 —–

If you claim MARIJUANA DEATHSQUADS to be the Midwest’s answer to Boredoms (or at least F*ck B*tt*ns), they probably wouldn’t mind the compliment. Debut album TUFF GUY ELECTRONICS on PIONEER WORKS (US)

16 —–

BOGIE KAUFMAN MANN’s album VOLUME 1 is a record of improvisations that don’t sound like improvisations because “we wanted to feel like it was a group improvisation all the time, so there was never really a lot of soloing going on – there was a lot of trioing going on.” Playing at low volume on guitar, woodwinds, and percussion, set up close to one another in the same room, headphone-free.

17 —–

END OF THE GAME is the anticipated debut full length by EYES OF LOVE, a band helmed by Brooklyn songwriter Andrea Schiavelli. Assembling a crew of some of the most skilled musicians in New York’s underground; Lily Konigsberg (Palberta, Lily and Horn Horse), Sammy Weissberg (The Cradle, Sweet Baby Jesus), Paco Cathcart (The Cradle, Shimmer). These 14 tracks harness the chaos of reckless abandon amid classic structures.

18 —–

New Zealand band ORCHESTRA OF SPHERES‘ double LP MIRROR is an exploration of energies and atmospheres, from intense futuristic funk and sonic tape assemblages to windswept reflections from a far flung corner of the world. It combines the band’s ecstatic rhythmic power and ritualistic vocals with an expanded orchestral palette.

19 —–

The band JOBS is fueled by truly ambitious compositions that seem to defy all logic in the most profound of ways. They’ve always had a knack for producing melodic head-boppers within bouts of joyous experimentation. You can feel this on their new cassette LOG ON FOR THE FREE CHANCE TO LOG ON FOR FREE on RAMP LOCAL RECORDS (US)

20 —–

Globetrotting Swiss-American blues trash duo REVEREND BEAT-MAN & NICOLE IZOBEL GARCIA’s collaborative album BAILE BRUJA MUERTO of course on VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS (CH)

21 —–

WILLIMAM ELLIOTT WHITMORE is a singer-songwriter/banjoist/guitarist/drum-stompin’ solo act from Lee County, Iowa. He meld country, blues, folk, and punk styles. His songs are haunting, rustic, powerful, and byproducts of living his entire life on the family farm and being involved in the hardcore-punk scene in the local community. His brand new album KILONOVA is a collection of 10 cover songs from artists who have influenced him: Dock Boggs, Harlan Howard, Magnetic Fields, Bad Religion, Bill Withers, ZZ Top, Johnny Cash, Red Meat, Jimmy Driftwood and Captain Beefheart.

22 —–

“The foundation for what is on the record comes from long before I had any interest in playing jazz. It is heavily rooted in the grunge, indie, and punk rock that I was listening to in high school. We’d write music, rehearse bands, and play shows all summer long in Baltimore clubs like the Small Intestine, Talking Head, and the old Ottobar. The album CRICKETS is just the sound of those summers as a teenager, but with a decade or two of musical development mixed in” – said composer and bassist ADAM HOPKINS about his album. It is the first release of his label OUT OF YOUR HEAD RECORDS (US)

23 —–

THE CALLAS is the tip of a Greek artistic squad producing music, artworks, films, magazines, events, art shows, initiated by the brothers Lakis & Aris Ionas. They worked with Sonic Youth drummer LEE RANALDO on the soundtrack of their new feature film “The Great Eastern” and on their new full-length album TROUBLE AND DESIRE which is released now on INNER EAR (GR) and DIRTY WATER RECORDS (UK)

24 —–

Throwing Muses’ KRISTIN HERSH has recently released her new album POSSIBLE DUST CLOUDS on FIRE RECORDS (UK)

25 —–

TEKSTI-TV 666 is a six-headed shoegazing kraut-punk monster. Armed with no less than four (and sometimes, just sometimes, five) electric guitars. Nowadays they are one of the most in-demand live acts in their native Finland, and select performances abroad have caused a bit of a storm as well. Second album Aidattu tulevaisuus on SVART RECORDS.

26 —–

JOHNNY MAFIA. French reverb-soaked slap-backed fuzzed out sonic attack. Inspired by classics like The Ramones, T-Rex, and The Clash, they also draw heavily on contemporary acts like Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, and the Wavves. Their debut album PRINCES DE L’AMOUR is produced by Jim Diamond (The Dirtbombs) and will release on November 9 on DIRTY WATER RECORDS (UK)

27 —–

IGUANA DEATH CULT is just a fine Dutch garage rock band who has a new single. Buy the vinyl here.








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