here is the 9th KILLBONOCLUB

now with a touch of conservative experimentalism



1. ensemble, et alpost chamber percussion quartet from New York – new album THE SLOW REVEAL on IMAGINATOR RECORDS (US) produced and engineered by John McEntire (Tortoise, Stereolab).

2. Lourdes would be a nice little town in the French Pyrenees but it is poisoned by serious devoutness and pilgrimage industry because of a 14 years old girl called Bernadette met Virgin Mary more times there in the middle of the XIX c. whereafore she was canonized later. More later poor sinners of Parma formed the band LOURDES REBELS after they met Mary Jane. New album LOLITA on AAGOO RECORDS (US)


1. We never published any records.
2. We are support band only.
3. We play just slow songs.
4. No band photo!

were the basic ideas of British punk band Mekons when it started, but before their first gig in a punk festival the organizer told them – Fast songs or there is no show for you. So they played on double speed. After the show a man went to them and said: – Hey you are really great, I would like to release a single. Later when NME wanted a picture they went to a field and somebody made some shots from miles. After reject they built figures from coat hangers and took photos of them. Finally a photographer was sent by the music mag to crown the failure.

More later Mekons guitarist Jon Langford moved to Chicago in 1992 and discovered the similarities of country and punk, and formed alternative country bands as Waco Brothers (with a former Revolting Cocks and KMFDM member!) and Pine Valley Cosmonauts. Now here is his brand new album with FOUR LOST SOULS on BLOODSHOT RECORDS

In Oxford Mississippi
The past is always near
Conversations and brown liquor
Faulkner is still here

4. South English HOLIDAY GHOSTS are combining members of The Black Tambourines and Red Cords with William Weak. Originally started out as the solo project of Sam Stacpoole of The Black Tambourines. Play primitive picturesque style of rock n roll, with influences from acts such as Modern Lovers, The Clean, Violent Femmes and The Velvet Underground. Debut album released on PNKSLM RECORDS (UK/SWE)

5. ODONIS ODONIS: the Canadian eclectic punk band turned into techno. NO POP album on TELEPHONE EXPLOSION (CAN) and FELTE RECORDS (US)

6. Castel Goffredo is a nice little North Italian town with a composer, Giuseppe Acerbi, who anyway was a jurist, and who knows why, around 1799 went among the Finnish and collected some melodies like “Do not be afraid of the people of Finland”. And also there is a fucking good garage rock’n’roll band BEE BEE SEA. Amazing second album SONIC BOOMERANG on WILD HONEY RECORDS (I) and DIRTY WATER USA. And of course there are some fine renaissance buildings too.


7. KO:MIFinnish girl plays alternative chamber music. Debut album SONGS OF THEM on SVART (SF)

8. Jazz at a bistro in a rainy afternoon with a bloody mary in Phoenix, Arizona by HOWE GELB piano trio with LONNA KELLEY. FUTURE STANDARDS album on FIRE RECORDS (UK)

9. 1979. Punk is dead. Guy, Jim and Janet survive to journey into the unknown and started to play music on acid as NORMIL HAWAIIANS. In 1982 the band recorded the double album MORE WEALTH THAN MONEY at ex-Amon Düül and Hawkwind bass player Dave Anderson’s Foel Studio in mid Wales. Occasionally he joined them. Re-issue on UPSET THE RHYTHM (UK) with extras include the original 20 minute version of Travelling West, featuring Dave Anderson.

10. Texan label Monofonus invited DAN MELCHIOR to Austin to record with local post punk idiots SPRAY PAINT. Dan Melchior (ex-Broke Revue) is a British musician. He comes from garage punk, worked together with Billy Childish, Holly Golightly and Walker Russel (Pheromoans), and usually makes experimental other music.


11. Finnish style mix of hardcore punk and metal by LAPIN HELVETTI. The band was founded from Terveet Kädet when after 36 years they decided to discontinue in 2016. Debut album on SVART RECORDS

12. Well, there were some cool punky Nirvana song beside whimper – came to my mind while I listened to French garage grunge punk duo ESCOBAR‘s debut album THE BIGGEST SOUND on DIRTY WATER USA


13. LIL TITS. Chicago dirty noise rock trio cassette EP on MONIKER RECORDS (US)

14. HAND & LEG. Greek drums’n’bass punk splash. Debut album on SLOVENLY (US). For the fans of Mexiacan drums’n’bass punk duo XYX.

15. THE MONSIEURS (US), trash rock and roll trio of Amazing Andy California from trash rock and roll trio Tunnel of Love. Now with 2 girls. Second album DEUX on SLOVENLY

16. – In a sense the rock was a new teenage religion of consumerism, designed by the ruling class to replace the outmoded Christian faith of antipleasure which had been so useful to them since the feudal age. The juvenile delinquent was the true believer of his new faith. Thus rock was impatient, lustful, fast, and rowdy

– writes IAN SVENONIOUS in his book CENSORSHIP NOW. But now he introduces you to the art of ESCAPE-ISM with his brand new poetic one-man rock and roll show and album on MERGE RECORDS (US)


He was chosen “the most perfect boyfriend material” by the nation’s teen girl mag Sassy in 1990. Next year his Washington DC hc-punk band The Nation Of Ulysses released its debut album 13-Point Program To Destroy America.

17. PUSSYCAT AND THE DIRTY JOHNSONS are a British rock trio of a hard rocker, a rockabilly face, and a punk girl. AIN’T NO PUSSY album on DIRTY WATER RECORDS (UK)





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