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The drawings from graphic artist Luca Retraite who has a bunch of punk band like Ventre de Biche in this show.


I have got the DARLENE SHRUGG debut album from the English label UPSET THE RHYTHM with the remark that it will certainly like to me. I thought of course when I saw that American art pop artist Meg Remy – aka U.S.Girls – makes music together again her husband the Canadian art rock artist Slim Twig,  and I like their music very much. And Toronto based synth pop duo Ice Cream also involved in the project DARLENE SHRUGG which started as a duo of long time collaborators Slim Twig and Simone TB of Fake Palms and more. I added these info and tried to imagine their music before listening, and I was totally surprised



SAPIN is an easy French country garage rock band, and this love song In My Head from the album DARK IS THE NIGHT…ON IS THE PARTY is the indie pop hit song of the month. It is released on HOWLIN’ BANANA and BEAST RECORDS (Both F).

3 ——

A fucking strong debut album from L.A. punk trio THE SIDE EYES. SO SICK is released on IN THE RED RECORDS (US). Anyway lead singer Astrid McDonald is the  daughter of Go-Go’s guitarist-songwriter Charlotte Caffey and Redd Kross singer-guitarist Jeff McDonald. The last song on the album is a cover song, was written by Astrid’s mother when she was in the late-70s L.A. punk trio The Eyes.

4 ——

In the late autumn of 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Baron called Philippe Jean-Piere Dominique Sainz met a beautiful creature, Linda Felicia Marie Rydelius, and they fell in love. Since then they created dark and mystical music together as BARONEN & SATAN. Their debut album SATAN IS A LADY will be released on 31st Oct on DIRTY WATER RECORDS USA. It’s sounds like an upside down cross between the Cramps and Bauhaus with Siouxsie casting spells through a fender vibrosonic amp!

5 ——

PERE UBUs new album 20 YEARS IN A MONTANA MISSILE SILO contains nasty little punk songs and as paradoxical as ever. Released on CHERRY RED (UK)

6 ——

Gradual metamorphosis from punk aesthetics to a truly cosmic country by GUN OUTFIT (US). The new album OUT OF RAGE on PARADISE OF BACHELORS RECORDS (US) on 10th Nov. It is debating the denouement of the decaying American dream.

7 ——

Some interesting statistics by Finnish grindcore band DEATH TOLL 80K on the album STEP DOWN on SVART RECORDS (SF)

8 ——


WILD BILLY still CHILDISH. Subjects on the new album ‘brand new cage‘ include lost landmarks of ’70s Chatham, the true revolution of punk, spirituality, lost loves and the sidelining of Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones. Released on DAMAGED GOODS RECORDS (UK)

9 ——

Post Washington DC hc-punk by THE EFFECTS. Debut album EYES TO THE LIGHTS on DISCHORD RECORDS (US). “Post” means not really hc and punk, but hc-punk influenced rock music, a lil bit seems progressive, but fine.

10 —–

‘Why bother moving to a more expensive city to be unemployed when you can do that in Detroit’  said Joe Casey the singer of PROTOMARTYR who write the lyrics of resignation for the sound of abandoned buildings in the manner of Gang of Four, The Fall, and sometimes Joy Division. New album RELATIVES IN DESCENT on Domino Recordings(UK)

But the city “is really changing. If you had walked here from where you’re staying five years ago, there is a good chance that you would have been murdered.”


Quotes from the interview in Loud & Quiet

11 —–


VENTRE DE BICHE is a cold synth-pop project of French punk musician and graphic artist Luca Retraite, who runs the label Maison De Retraite.  “Musical influences? Brainbombs, Flipper, Serge Gainsbourg, Wu Tang Clan, Suicide, Missing Foundation, Burzum, Spacemen 3, DNA, Mars, Captain Beefheart, DAF, Stooges, NEU!, Swans, Throbbing Gristle, Jesus and Mary Chain, la Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de L’est… I also listen to more and more hip-hop and traditional music.”

333, MI HOMME, MI BETE (means half man, haf beast) album on TEENAGE MENOPAUSE RECORDS (F)

12 —–

Free jazz and poetry against human brutality: debut recording by IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS (US) the liberation-oriented free jazz quintet, who came together to perform at a Musicians Against Police Brutality event. Album released on INTERNATIONAL ANTHEM and DON GIOVANNI RECORDS (both US)

13 —–

OBNOX (US) is a personal punk blues soul rock and roll hip hop noise project of Bim Lamont Thomas drummer of blues punk duo BASSHOLES. On the new album MURDER RADIO punk is the dominant style. Released by ever/never (US)

14 —–

KOHTI TUHOA. Finnish HC. Pelon neljäs valtakunta, ie 4th Kingdom of Fear, album on Svart Records. No need to say more.

15 —–

Manchester-based PROTO IDIOT started as a one-man garage punk band, but because the idiots draw each others it is a trio for the present. Presents a mix of 60s garage, 70s glam and 80s oddball, like a post-punk Bay City Rollers. LEISURE OPPORTUNITY album on SLOVENLY (US) and BAD PAINTINGS RECORDS (UK)

16 —–


LES LULLIES: Jean-Baptiste, Jean-Louis, Baptiste and Louis Lully. Their motto: speed not weed and punk. From France. DON’T LOOK TWICE 7″ EP on SLOVENLY.

17 —–

The Mallissimal Movement born in the 50’s in St-Petersburg by self-taught Russian musicians who took an interest in old Siberian sacred rituals. The French CERCLE DES MALLISSIMALISTES is devoted to the research, preservation and diffusion of Mallissimal Music. Recently they recorded a work of an Italian far-leftist terrorist and composer Faustina M. Todesco who left the Music School of Milan before graduating to join The Red Brigades. It formed in 1970 and sought to create a “revolutionary” state through armed struggle. They attained notoriety in the 1970s and early 80s with their violent attempts to destabilise Italy by acts of sabotage, bank robberies and kidnappings. Their most infamous act was kidnapping and murdering ex-PM Aldo Moro in 1975. But Faustina M. Todesco quit from the organization in 1974 and fled the western world and left activism for mysticism. Later she killed herself in the river Seine. But I don’t believe these things. I think these are just the game of the fantasy, but I like them. And as always in the Mallissimal Movement, the matter is electro-acoustic trance.




Drawings of Luca Retraite



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