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Swiss psych garage blues rock and roll cult band


The band was founded 25 years back by three countryside brothers after they went to a Spacemen 3 show in the nearby big city. Their music is distorted rock and roll of the 50-60 years with a big spoon blues and dub technique in highly psychedelic manner. They’ ve only released 3 three albums on Voodoo Rhythm Records. In 2014 they made music for a documentary Tino – Frozen Angel about legendary Swiss counter-culture hero Martin “Tino” Schippert (1946-81), who was the president of Swiss chapter of Hell’s Angels. Because of a rape the Angels became a target of prosecution, he escaped from Switzerland. He lived in Lebanon, where he worked as a hashish farmer. But finally he went to Bolivia, and died there in a small village Tutilimundi, it means All Worlds.

On their albums there are some covers. Now you can listen to the original and the cover ones too


About the songs

Johnny B. Goode is a 1958 rock-and-roll song written and first recorded by Chuck Berry.

Little Anthony and the Imperials is an American rhythm and blues/soul/doo-wop vocal group from New York City, their first single was Tears on My Pillow in 1958.

The song It Hurts Me Too is a blues standard. First recorded in 1940 by American blues musician Tampa Red. Elmore James (1918 – 1963) who was an American influential blues musician, recorded his own versions in 1957, and in the early 60s.

David “Junior” Kimbrough (1930 – 1998) was an American juke joint blues legend. Whose first single was released in 1967, but his first album came out just in 1992 by Fat Possum Records. The song Baby Please Don’t Leave Me taken from his last album Meet Me In The City (1999). In 2005, a tribute album was released with such artists as Iggy Pop, Mark Lanegan, Jack Oblivian, Black Keys, Spiritualized or Blues Explosion. Even Daft Punk also made a 15 minutes long re-edited version of a Kimbrough’s song I Gotta Try You Girl in 2016. Reputedly he was survived by 36 children.

The Ballad of Casey Jones is a traditional song about railroad engineer Casey Jones. It tells of how Jones and his fireman Sim Webb raced their locomotive to make up for lost time, but discovered a freight train ahead of them on the line, and Casey tried to stop the machine and save the passengers. His body was found lying under the cab, with his skull crushed and right arm torn from its socket. The fireman jumped just in time to save his life. The express messenger was thrown against the side of the car, having two of his ribs broken by the blow, but his condition is not considered dangerous. The train was only two minutes behind schedule.

Soon after Casey’s death (30 April 1900), the song was first sung by engine wiper and friend of Casey to the tune of a popular song of the time known as “Jimmie Jones”. As railroaders stopped in Canton, Mississippi they would pick up the song and pass it along. American country blues guitarist Walter E. “Furry” Lewis (1893 – 1981) recorded his version in 1928. Anyway he was a street sweeper for the city of Memphis, he held this job until his retirement in 1966.

Red Foley (1910 – 1968) is one of the greatest country musicians. He was an inspiration to rock ‘n’ roll, in particular Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley, who both covered many of his songs. Will the Circle Be Unbroken? is a popular Christian hymn, was written in 1907. The Red Foley version was published in 1958.



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