1. American traditionalist: Luke Winslow King – Levee Man (Bloodshot Records)
2. Portuguese onemanband: Legendary Tiger Man – Dance Craze (Metrodiscos/ Sony Music France)
3. French Cramps: Vagina Town – Ecstasy (Kythibong)
4. Canadian chaos brigade: Odonis Odonis – Breathing Hard (Buzz)
5. San Franciscan eclectic pop: Deerhoof – Exit Only (Polyvinyl)
6. “It’s noisy, with keyboards, you wouldn’t like it”: Gentle Friendly – Autumn Nite (UK, Fat Cat)
7. Scottish electronic pop: Jonnie Common – Crumbs (Song By Toad)
8. Swiss funeral folk: The Dead Brothers – Black Mouse (Voodoo Rhythm)
9. Greek psych garage rock: Acid Baby Jesus – Vegetable (Slovenly)
10. English countryside doom surfers: The Wytches – Gravedweller (Heavenly/ Partisan/ Dine Alone)
11. American chamber pop: Saul Conrad – Bumbling Fool (Mountain of Leopard/ Cavity Search)
12. Experimental pop by Chinese American guitarist and Japanese j-pop diva: Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa – She He See Feel (Thrill Jockey)
13. Swiss-Canadian art punk or not: Peter Kernel – It’s Gonna Be Great (free digital single)
14. Oakland punks also not dead (just all the Ramones): Hard Left – Ghosts of Princes in Town (Future Perfect)
15. Mix The Fall with Velvet Underground: Parquet Courts – Always Back in Town (US, What’s Your Rupture?)
16. Hungarian catch as catch can: Terrible Ted – Singularity (digital album)
17. Hungarian historicist and liturgic garage rock: Gustave Tiger – Mary of the Seas (digital album)
18. Aussie synthethic punks: Ausmuteants – Freedom of Information (Goner/ Aarght)
19. Canadian garage punk: Teenanger – Mild Survival (Telephone Explosion)
20. Almost forgotten English art punkers whit a French girl: Family Fodder – Savoir Faire (song from 1980, re-issue by Staubgold)
21. Notorious English art punkers: The Fat White Family – Touch The Leather (Hate Hate Hate)
22. Good old Swiss garage rock brothers: Roy & The Devil’s Motorcycle Club – I’ll Sing You a Song (A Tree In The Field)



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