Her name is Claire Keszei. Daughter of a Hungarian catholic poet István Keszei. He was a refugee of Hungarian revolution of 1956. During the revolution in Székesfehérvár he wrote articles about snarly Russian tanks instead of smiley Russian tanks. Later he wanted to settle back to homeland, but his petitions were steadily refused, although a well-known Hungarian poet Sándor Csoóri also interceded for him. The decision seems enigmatic, because he was a totally harmless person. Perhaps they read his poems… He died in 1987, two years before the fall of communism.

After some punk and rock bands Clarika met a Belgian fellow Jean-Jacques Nyssen, and together made her first album in 1993. And since then so on. Her music is an iverylike mix of rock, punk, folk, pop and traditional French chansons.

1. Les bavards  2. Avec luc  3. Ne me demande pas  4. Toi pour moi  5. Cher cousin  6. Deux anglaises  7. Heureux  8. La fille tu sais  9. Mas quis sont les gens  10. L’ocean des possibles (duet with Michel Jonasz. He also has  Hungarian origin.)  11. We are the losers

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