“I despise movements! I’d never be part of any movement!” (James Chance)


“The word ‘No’ being one of my favorite words at the time.”


“I don’t think nihilism is a strong enough word. I hated everything. At the same time, I probably laughed more than anyone else. As horrible as it is, you have to fucking laugh, or you are going to kill yourself or somebody else. (…) “The whole fucking country was nihilistic. What did we come out of? The lie of the Summer of Love into Charles Manson and the Vietnam War. Where is the positivity? I’m supposed to be fucking positive? Fuck you! You want positive, go elsewhere. Go find a different lie.”


Queen Of Siam (1980): 4 (Szomorú vasárnap cover), 6-9
with her band 8 Eyed Spy – 8 Eyed Spy (1981): 3
with Rowland S. Howard – Some Velvet Morning (single, 1982): 2
with Anubian Lights – Champagne, Cocaine  & Nicotine Stains (EP,2002): 1, 5
Smoke In The Shadows (2004): 10-14
with her band Big Sexy Noise – Big Sexy Noise (2009): 15-16

Now she is touring in Europe with her new band, Retrovirus. The members are Weasel Walter – guitar (Flying Lutterbachers), Bob Bert – drums (Sonic Youth), Algis Kizys – bass (Foetus, Swans). Budapest  Dec 8  A38>Facebook event


Quotes from Marc Masters – No Wave, book, published by Black Dog

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