“Life is man’s best time.”

Tribute to Matti Nykanen

“Everything starts from the experience when you learn to eat meatballs with a fork. Then you know how to do anything. An interest in food and an interest in sports go hand in hand.”

“The chances are fifty-sixty.”


1. Trailer of the film: Matti
2. Alivaltiosihteeri – Matti Nykanen
3. Myllykirje from the Jopet Show
4. Matti Nykanen TV interview
5. Saimo ja Untamo – Nykasen lauantai
6. Lakupaavi – Vapauttakaa Matti Nykanen
7. Electronic Battle – Matti
8. Matti jump in Calgary 1988
9. Matti Nykanen – Samurai
10. Usro Usravi & Zvaljo Zvaljavi – Jadna ti Matti Nykanen
11. An advert feat. Matti
12. Klamydia – Matti Nykanen on viaton (Exploited – Sid Vicious was Innocent cover)

(If I will not be sent to the world championship)
“I will move to Copenhagen and apply for Swedish citizenship.”

“Every chance is an opportunity!”

A reporter asked Matti just before his jump:

– What do you think now?
– Well, pussy it is always on my mind, but let’s jump first!

” The truth is indeed reality.”

 “I am a Russian, although I’m not wearing red, I am a communist, but I’m only acting. Truthfully, I’m just a man who walks and talks on the phone.”

“I colour my hair once every two months, and the world changes, and I change along with it.”

“A movie is a movie. When you make a movie, then it’s a movie.”

“When a person is asleep, nothing happens. But when they do not sleep, they might even catch a fish.”

“Tomorrow is always the future.”


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