(Blaha square, Corvin Dept. Store, left side)

SKIP JENSEN GROUP (Can) – Supersonic Rock n Roll
THE HANDS (F) – Hard Psych Garage
ODDDS (H) – Fuzz Punk

Ticket: 1200 HUF     Facebook event

Start at 9pm punctually!!!



We want to organize SKIP JENSEN for 10 years, since from the established of RNR666. And the dream comes true now. Born as Serge Gendron and comes from Montreal, Canada. The city was one of the most important places of underground rock’n’roll in the first decade of the XXI. century. King Khan also comes from this scene. Its special vigorous sound is represented by the album Symphatetic Sounds of Montreal. Two bands of Skip Jensen appeared on it, Scat Rag Boosters and The Stack O’Leas. After the break-ups he continued his music career as a classic one-man-band under the name of Skip Jensen & His Shakin Feet, meanwhile he was the drummer of Demon’s Claw for 2,5 years. Later his one-mand-band became a duo with Seb Normal (The Feeling of Love, Normals, Delacave etc.) from France. Finally it has became a trio. They have made an album, a single and a video last year:

The style is self-described as Supersonic Rock’n’Roll. It’s spiced with blues and other American folk elements. For the fans of Oblivians, Bassholes, Mojomatics. Skip Jensen also a fine graphic artist


Capitals of European rock’n’roll/garage rock are Bordeaux and Perpignan. Moreover, the Center of the Universe is the railway station of Perpignan by Salvador Dali. He painted it in 1965. Besides, viewing from Budapest, the city is the paradise with sea, sight of the Pyrenees and wines. But the youth is boring among the old and rich inhabitants. The years of boring was over in the early 90s when the city’s first rock and roll band, the Beach Bitches was founded. Then a little independent record label, the Nasty Product, and a bunch of great bands were formed: Toxic Farmers, Sonic Chicken 4, The Fatals, The Mighty Go Go Players, Jack Of Heart, Crank, etc. THE HANDS belong to the new generation. Their debut album was released in last year. Roughish style psychedelic garage punk with Jack of Heart and Crank members



from Budapest: noisey fuzz maniac punk with Piss Crytals‘ members. We hope they will play the Stooges evergreen I Wanna Be Your Dog



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