RNR666: Hi Oliver! You wouldn’t believe how happy Budapest is, now that you finally visit us THIS FRIDAY! What are your plans? Should we expect a decent DJ show, or a helmeted full live set?

THE HORRORIST: I am very pleased to be coming to Budapest for the first time. I will be playing live with outfits, video and everything else!

RNR666: Your last album is this year’s Separate Dimension. Will you play mainly from this album, or music that you wrote since then, or you might even be picking out tracks from 2001?

THE HORRORIST: The show is the tracks I recorded since 1989 that work the best live or just what I am in the mood to play. Expect a wide variation of music.

RNR666: How much do you like looking back on the past, for example looking at childhood photos and wondering how much time has passed since then?

THE HORRORIST: I am very nostalgic and it’s important to know where you came from. On the other hand I always am living in the moment and I keep very aware time is passing fast and there is a lot to do!

RNR666: Let’s do just that for a moment. What kind of a kid were you? Is Cramps’s undead line “You better ask my momma how to make a monster” true for you too?

THE HORRORIST: I had a mixed childhood and teen years. Part was very troubled and part was amazing. With luck I always had a great group of friends and then I found music to control my demons.

RNR666: The Hungarian underground techno scene were trying to arrange a show for you since many years. Somehow, it never worked out up till now, although, as I hear, you are well acquainted with them and even personally know Thalium (Davoria). Where did you meet and how did it come that you’ll play in Budapest?

THE HORRORIST: I really tried to get the show to work with him but during that time I was doing my bookings myself and was opening a restaurant in Berlin called VOLK. Things got out of control on my end as far as being organized with the bookings so I ended up double booked and had to keep canceling with Thalium. I do apologize for that. Sometimes in life you think you can do more than you can. Finally I got on the best booking agency ELITE and they take care of everything for me.

RNR666: You are from New York and currently reside in Berlin. Everyone from Europe longs for the US and people from the US come to Europe? What made you want to live here? How is the European scene different from the US scene? What do you miss in Europe, and what did you miss in the US?

THE HORRORIST: Well the music I create is very European influenced so 80% of my bookings are in Europe. NYC also just became too expensive for an artist. I was paying over $2500 a month for a 29 square meter apartment. In Berlin I have a duplex (2 levels) with 2 balconies and a rooftop for 1300€.

RNR666: I entered an argument with a friend with whom we listen to your music a lot, about how spiritual and how materialistic you might be. Please, put our minds in order. Are you more body, or soul?

THE HORRORIST: I don’t care about objects they come and go. What matters is what you create and your relationships while you are here. Of course I like to use equipment in my studio but in the end it really doesn’t matter so much.

RNR666: He told me also, that you have an enormous collection of instruments. Is it true? I wouldn’t associate you with a Classical guitar or a harmonica. Would you tell us about your setup? Are there some gadgets you particularly like?

THE HORRORIST: I rarely sell anything because early on when I did I always missed the sound or use of something. Since I’ve been doing this so long yes I’ve collected a pretty nice studio of toys. I have a large modular, 30 drum machines etc… My favorite pieces are machines that have auto accompaniment in them. 80s and 90s boxes that play little parts for you. They are real time machines!

RNR666: A well-known fact is when they ask you about your favorites, or music that influenced you, you usually mention electrica. Watching your concerts nonetheless, GG Allin comes to my mind sooner than Depeche Mode. Do you listen to, or like expressedly non-electronic music as well? For example, from the post-2010 not strictly electronic scene, what do you enjoy the most?

THE HORRORIST: I listen to everything. Some of what I listen to most is Leonard Cohen, Daniel Johnston, Foreigner, Lionel Ritchie. If you look at my iTunes most played this is what comes up on top.

RNR666: I swear I won’t ask for more recommendations, but I, as a movie freak, am really curious about have you seen any badass movie that’s not mainstream? Have you played in, or written a score for a movie? How much does film, as a genre, interest, or influence you?

THE HORRORIST: Have you seen “The Skin I Live In” also known as La piel que habito? I love movies although these days less and less new ones are being released I find interesting. Kubrick, Lynch, Gasper Noe, John Hughes, Paul Thomas Anderson are some director that of course (and everyone else I think) loves.

RNR666: Finally, please tell, judging by your work and topics, I can easily imagine that the stamp of the “perverted animal” is stuck on you. Do you fight against it, don’t give a shit about it or have you simply accepted yourself as a monster?

THE HORRORIST: Everyone has a monster inside. Everyone is also a good person too. This is what is is to be human. Love both sides in yourself and others and you will be happy… half the time.

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all photo credits: Things to come Records
thx & bigup: Technokunst
eng translate: Csati

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