Recently we have started a series about lyrics of the Hungarian garage rock band GUSTAVE TIGER because they have very strange lyrics. Those are full with historical, mythological and literary references.

The home of the Hungarian versions is our site. The English versions will be published in other magazines everytime.

EASTERNDAZE has given place for the first part. It is a platform for up-and-coming independent Eastern European arts and music scenes. The team is also running a record label BABA VANGA. Because “during our travels in Central and Eastern Europe, from Gdansk to Skopje and beyond, we have met several amazing musicians and heard some great great music.” It focuses on the idiosyncratic, the undefinable and uncategorisable.

So my biedermeier friend you can find the post about GUSTAVE TIGER’s song Thermidor in English here thanks to Lucia and EASTERNDAZE.

“And so begins the final drama
In the streets and in the fields”



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