Pali: The band was formed in 1999. How should I picture The Experimental Tropic Blues Band of the day and how were the concerts?

Boogie Snake (guitar): We haven’t changed too much, except that we don’t play neo blues the way we used to. We’re more a surrealist para-rock band now (or Belgian handi-rockers). Concerts were really fun, it’s rare when we don’t enjoy them!

Your line-up hasn’t changed, a rare thing. Do you click so well?

We do.We’re friends since high school and like the same kind of music in general. We tried to play with additional musicians, but it didn’t work that well.

You look like common and regular guys but you do get wild on stage as seen in Electric Cock’ video. What the bloody hell was that?!

LoL, yes I know what you mean. The electric dick is a way to prove that you can do music with anything! Even with your cock! Things went crazy when we played that song (Garbage Man, revisited). Dirty Coq (guitar, vocal) had also a few troubles with the cops in certain places.


You shared the stage with anyone around the place. Who were the ones who made you say: “wooow these guys really kick ass!!”

I can’t remember exactly, but we always loved sharing the stage with the audience, and make them participate. Every gig should be a party! It’s very boring to see a band play their songs like on the albums, just looking at their instruments and trying to sound as right as they can.

How do you remember the release party of Liquid Love where you were backed by The Magnetix. They are my fav rock’n’roll band, and ‘Liquid Love’ might be my fav album by you. Must have been an ace gig!

Yeah, it was a great release. The Magnetix is probably the only French rock’n’roll band we like! Oh, and King Automatic too, if you have the chance to see this one man band play live, go ahead!

How far do you keep track of the rock’n’roll underground? Cause i can feel some Bob Log influence on your  Captain Boogie album and some of electronic stuff brings up the name of Crash Normal from France. Bob Log is pretty well known today but back then in 2008-2009 he wasn’t.

I don’t know Crash Normal, but we definitely love Bob Log! We shared the stage together many times, we’re good friends. We have many different musical influences, from electro, German industrial to rock’n’roll. It’s still possible to discover good neo garage bands these days, like The Oh Sees, Ty Segall, or The Oblivians!

I saw some videos by Colonel Bastard & His Bionic Commando, a project of Dirty Coq. Tell me something about that please!

It’s the solo aerobic 80’s electro garage frontman project of Dirty Coq. He needed some musical changes at that time! Very wild, crazy and funny stuff!

Talking of videos! Who makes them? They’re all dope!

La Film Fabrique shot most of them. These guys are from Brussels and are good friends. We love working together. They also make commercials, you know, to earn their living! The Best Burger was made by Sauvage Sauvage, a collective from Liège, our town. Horror movies fans!



You’re not that well known in Hungary that’s why many people ask me: “what kind of music do they play?” I usually answer its modern rock’n’roll. Although you play a lot of old rock and roll licks, you got albums made with analogue gear, there’s a lot of blues elements in your music yet somehow it all comes off as modern. Tell me the truth about that all!

It’s just rock’n’roll my friend. But we try to inject original stuff in it. I think we have our own universe. You have to express yourself honestly! Do it with your heart and guts!

Probably already bored with the question, but i must to ask: How did you meet Jon Spencer and how was the job with him?

No it’s ok! (But I’m getting bored – the editor) We’re fans of the Blues Explosion! We played a few times with Heavy Trash, so we had the opportunity to meet him. Then he went to play in a big festival in our town, and Devil D’Inferno (the drummer) asked him if he would be interested in producing our next album. We had to send him a demo first. He liked it!!!! So we headed to New-York, in Matt Verta Ray’s studio. Jon’s really Professional, and also “fatherly” if you know what I mean. He put all his heart in our album! This was an amazing experience!



Your new record The Belgians is a concept album about the Belgians. Has it stirred outrage in Belgium? The cover is dope i get most of the lyrics (the bastard daughter of the king of Belgium, the liege massacre with a toll of six) – would you say a few more words about subjects of the songs? I wonder how Belgians see themselves and how a Belgian rocker sees his country?

No, surprisingly it didn’t outrage anyone yet. People likes our album, I think our country needs it. With the political situation of these days… You know, north wanting to separate from the South… That’s crap. (South and north should separate together from Belgium – editor’s idea) We’re doing a whole video show, called: TETBB presents the Belgians. This is where the songs get their full meanings. There’s Belgians don’t Cry, which talks about the fact that we don’t complain, even if the government is sucking our money dry, or Disobey which is a scream of revolution! (Well, in 1830, a riot broke out in Brussels after an Opera performance. It led to south separated from the United Kingdom of Netherlands, and Belgium has been formed. The Mute Girl of Portici was played then. – editor’s note) Check it on the net if you can!

Do Belgians get pissed off easily or take it as it comes? I’m asking because the way you cover the Belgian hymn twice would get a few people mad in Hungary!

Funny fact, most of the Belgians don’t know the national anthem!!! There’s a funny video of the News where a politician is asked to sing “La brabançonne”, he sings “La Marseillaise”(At the same time he also didn’t know what has been celebrated on the Belgian National Day. In 2006, one year before this malheur, he said: „apparently the French speakers are intellectually not capable of learning Dutch.” It follows from these cases that Yves Leterme is perfect for prime minister: 2008, 2009-11. – editor’s note) Belgians can laugh about themselves, we love self-derision!

It’s your 1st time in Hungary. What have you heard about our country?

That it’s possible to torture someone for money, that the food and booze are tasty and the girls easy!

Zsófi: Having watched a bunch of live videos. I can’t decide if you consider your band weirdo or cool, and if rock’n’roll is for losers’ or winners’ music?

All at the same time! Though it seems that losers and handicapped particularly love our music.






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