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AUDACITY (USA, Burger Records)

Chaotic but melodic garage punk rock and roll with a little power pop edge. Their records were released on such labels as Burger, Suicide Squeeze, Volar or Goodbye Boozy Records. Their shows are incredible experience of rock and roll.

 They were the fashionable rocker King Tuff backing band

By King Tuff they succeeded get into the toilet of Jack White (White Stripes, owner of Third Man Records). Matt said: Once we were at Third Man Records recording with King Tuff and Jack White’s toilet was really nice and it just stood out to me just as, like, a really nice toilet… it was just super beautiful, and I’ve always looked up to Jack White a lot. But when I saw his successful toilet I felt nothing but pure envy and jealousy because I wanted that nice of a toilet to sit on everyday, when I should have been like, “Oh wow this is over the top.” So I went back and told Thomas and we both pooped in it.

Audacity Euro Tour: Aug 28 – Sept 27: Germany, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, UK

in Budapest with Demjén Hirst (H). Ticket: 1000-



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