HAW is a Hungarian band formed in 2008 by four friends, who are well-known faces of the home metal underground. The news that former Stereochrist frontman Dávid Makó is joining forces with brothers Márton and Péter Szabó, members of IGOR and Gáspár Binder, drummer of Stereochrist (and at least ten other bands) were great, as their first demo song, The Free Ride of the Workhorse as well. That powerful track was an instant classic, and was followed by a 4-song demo in 2009. The great shows, their attitude and the songs had predicted a nice future, but due to some -yet unclarified- reasons they pushed themself to standby mode in 2011 for a one-year rest. Then, in a surprise appearance in 2012 they made it clear that these four pals need to be together, write new songs, and continue what they’ve created. Fortunately they did, and with their just released album, they are better than ever!

Around last fall there were lurking rumors in the air about an upcoming record, which was finally out in this February, five years after their first one. With its 26 minute running lenght, Soundtrack of Our Friendship is an LP with three acoustic short interludes of awesome banjo playing by frontman Dávid Makó, and six really cut-through, in your face metal tracks. A straight record with no flourish parts, but constantly strong songs, and I mean this in international level. The instrumental parts are simply heavy with loads of great riffs and themes, and fortunately all these bonded with a punchy and organic sound; Péter Sohajda did a great job at Standing Waves Studio again. This record is also the final proof that vocalist Dávid Makó has got not only a world-class tone, but it’s paired with deep thoughts and a good sense to impress those in his lyrics too.


I am not going to analyze each song individually, but there is one I have to highlight; not only because it’s the best -just to crown a king among lords-, but somehow I feel it grabs the quintessence of the band itself. Although it’s only March, My Name is one of the best metal songs of the year. Perfect. A kind of that every musician want to write in their life. You feel it’s for you, about you, it grabs you and holds, it’s in your mind, and makes you feel an inner drive to roar with them live. With that, they jumped the standards built by their previous flagships All Good All Fine and The Free Ride of the Workhorse; and that’s an achievement not to underrate. Moreover the line „Actions mark your name” can finally outcast the hackneyed tags their always get from the rock and metal media; as actions mark their name, actions mark their style too. Which is rude, heavy and also very catchy, but truth is, as a base of operations, this is rock music in its purest form. No other words needed.

As you can see, I really think that with this album they could shift to another level; if you like, from ride to full gallop. Listen and purchase Soundtrack of Our Friendship via bandcamp, and don’t forget to see them live tonight at Roham Bar with LOWBAU and Mangani 888. By the way, an interview with Dávid is coming soon, so stay tuned!


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