BOB LOGGet drunk almost every night, work for Mindfuck Office Ltd. and listen to Grown Younger by Sexdrome all day long: Ladies and gents, cats and dogs, the Negative Creep is born. What’s cookin’ for the night? A one man band show, a genre, I seriously don’t like. Doesn’t really sound like a great night, but hey, I really wanted to test the guy and myself. 

The first thing you should forget about Bob Log the III, is youtube videos. It is nothing compared to what you are about to see live. Shows like these are usually about clothes and jokes. Bob is much more. He plays his guitar like it’s last day on mother Earth, constantly leaving your jaws drop. Humour is an important part in music for me, Bob gets a 100 out of the possible 10. No, let’s make that thousand. Songs were cool, but I was waiting for the breaks between songs. I’m sure, the audience weren’t prepared for this show and I know why. You simply can not stare, dance, laugh, kiss and fell in love one at a time. Bob Log doesn’t need a knife to make you a Glasgow smile for the night, he does it with an amazing stage show and personality. This night, the Negative Creep died and the Happy Puppy was born. Thank you Bob Log the III! 

(a special invocation by David)



Zs:  Hello Bob! So, when was the first time you took a guitar in your hand?

There was always a guitar in our house, I was 11 and my mother had this acoustic guitar and nobody played it…oh my dad dit it a couple of times but he plays piano and sings like Jerry Lee Lewis but never in front of people unless it’s in a bar where he would play songs and people would buy him drinks to make him stop playing because if he had a drink he would stop playing and drink his drink. And as soon as he finishes his drink, he would start playing again and they would be like ‘Shut him up!’ and buy him some more drinks. I don’t know if that’s my inspiration or not…

Zs: Are your parents happy that you’re a musician?

My mom comes to my shows but when she heard Clap your tits she was a little bit upset.

Zs: Have you seen that fan video with the enormous tits for that song?

It’s funny but I hate it when people think ‘Oh, Bob Log made it‘ but I didn’t fuckin’ make that – my video about tits would be way more funny than that! Coz I wasn’t trying to be sexy with tits, it was all about being funny coz I think they are fuckin’ hilarious – that’s the whole point in that song. Let’s stop them from being sexy and let’s make ’em funny.

D: How many times have you been told that you’re a one-man Spinal tap? Because you know, they are actually pretty good at playing and they have a great sense of humour.

Never! It’s the very first time but that’s not a bad thing

D: I was watching your show and I’ve noticed that you are not just laughing with the crowd but you are also laughing at the crowd…

…yeah, we are laughing at each other! I’m gonna play a dance song and try make you dance stupid and then when you’re dancing good I’m gonna fuck it up and say ha ha ha. We laugh at each other, man. When I was a kid, Spinal tap hadn’t happened yet – it was AC/DC. I was maybe 13 when I first saw them and I laughed so hard the whole night, it was so stupid, so funny and also the coolest guitar I’ve ever heard. When you’re laughing and you are inspired by the guitar playing, that’s the best fuckin’ feeling and that’s what I’m chasing all the time.

And you know who else does this too? Johnny Cash. Listen to his live recordings, you know what he does? He tells a joke, makes them laugh and right when they are laughing, he starts the song. Every fuckin’ song. If they are already laughing when the song starts, they kinda automatically love it.

Zs: So you see entertainment and humour as part of music in general?

Absolutely. I like Screamin Jay Hawkins – play a really cool song and put a bone through your nose. That bone doesn’t really help the song sound any better but it makes everybody have a little bit more fun, that’s it. And Chuck Berry – his lyrics are hilarious if you really read ’em and when he does the duckwalk, right…?

Zs: Do you see anything in your helmet?

I can see little bits here and there when I’m not playing the guitar but once I start to play, my eyeballs turn off…when you’re a musician, there are certain parts you gotta learn to play and there’s also a part – oh I love this part – when you just kinda go off and you’re not even thinking, it’s nirvana or I don’t know what you wanna call it. If you’re a one-man band, you go to that spot instantly and that’s what I’m totally addicted to.

D: You have an amazing stamina on stage…

It isn’t really me – I swear to God it’s the music, it’s the guitar. I can’t bounce people unless I play I want your shit on my leg. When two people are sitting on me, I can’t play that song as well as I could (as if there was nobody on me) but that’s really not the point in that song. The point is to bring the party level up another notch…

Zs: But you are also making records, right?

Yes but I make my records so that if you listen to them without seeing me you still might get it coz I’m a guitar player first of all, everything else comes second. If you listen to the guitar, you initially think ‘What the fuck is that dude doing’ but then I have layers of shit I can do on top of that.

Drumming is also important – I’ve got two drummers. A tight drummer who’s playing pretty tight and then I’ve got a drunk drummer and these two drummers are actually fighting each other the whole night and they hate each other a lot. But the drunk drummer is a little bit louder, so he always wins…and I gotta finger pick the guitar on top of those two motherfuckers, you see, you get it now?? ha ha ha

Zs: And do you have any set lyrics? It seems a bit impossible to understand what you’re singing

Actually my lyrics take me the longest for me to write and I’m really proud of them. But I grew up listening to AC/DC and the Rolling Stones and to this day I don’t know what the fuck they are saying in a lot of their songs…but you know what they mean, like I was into Bon Scott singing ‘if you know what I mean...’ ha ha. Later when I checked Mick Jagger’s lyrics online that’s when I said Oh my God, that’s amazing, I didn’t know that he sang that, he’s a fucking genious!


D: I’m officially in love with you…


This is the part when King Automatic, Bob’s label mate from Voodoo Rhythm Records joins us as he stayed one more day after his Budapest show just to meet him… Bob immediately asks King Automatic if he knows Gregaldur who’s also a French guy. Check him if you haven’t heard his crazy one-man band with crazy effect pedals!

This is also the point where we get a little lost coz Bob gets into listing more and more crazy bands like GMCFOSHO with a great great enthusiasm and we also meet the ‘Bouncable lady’ who has been riding Bob’s leg that night. 


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