I could tell you that this conversation took place on a beach in Yalta, not far from the place where Styopa Bogdanovich woke up alarmed at the end of the seventh chapter in The Master and Margarita or I could tell you that all of what you can read below (under the “read more” button) was recorded in a half-lit room of an illegal torture club in the deep of Berlin. Of course, neither the place, nor the time matters when a perverted rockandroll journalist finally makes the interview he wanted and there is one thing only he’s been wanting more…


Vadász S. Tamás: I know nothing about you, who you are, where you live and how Venus Fly Trap was born. Tell me what’s important to know about you.

Venus Fly Trap: I started in 2007 after my boyfriend leave me, I started this project in sadness and loneliness, I was leaving in the country with my daughter. I was sick of my superficials bands and decide to make THIS solo project.

VST: I was high when I wrote about you on RNR666, but when I sobered up and read it again, I realized I still feel the same about you. Do you get similar feedback from your audience?

VFT: Hahaha! I don’t really know what peoples really think about my music, But the only things I could remember is cool! I’m only interested about good opinions, I don’t care about peoples don’t like me, I don’t like them 🙂

VST: We have been listening to “You loved me fast” for ages, but I noticed that the music video was uploaded to youtube only recently. Is this slow pace your usual rhytm?

VFT: No the reason is because i was pregnant few months after had made my album, I stopped every things and gave all my time to my kids, and now I have more time and I finally can made this fucking video clip, it was in my mind since a long time…

VST: When we first got to know you, we asked our french friends to bring us one of your albums. But they got it wrong, and got us a record by Flytrap… We love them too and met one of them in Paris, he was a sound engineer at a King Louie concert and the owner of the place stepped in and stopped the party because it was too late. He then pulled down his pants, and opened his ass cheeks, and sat down to the drums to play one song with King Louie (the drummer was he on THIS video). Do you know this band and do you also have this urge to provoke people? Or are you a well behaved virgin?

VFT: Of course i know the band Fly Trap! I like they music a lot!! But my name is The venus Fly trap One Girl Band and they name is Fly trap, it’s different and don’t mean the same thing, me I’m a kind of flower with no fragrance where the fly could die and Fly trap is juste an insecticide in a bomb, but of course not it’s not a provocation…

VST: There is a group on facebook for one-girl-bands. Do you know any other one-girl-bands? Who are they?

VFT: Yes I know others one girls bands certainly the sames as you already know 😉 My favorite one is Becky Lee, cause she’s my friend and cause I also love her music!

VST: What do you do in your everyday life when you are not turning rnr666 journalists crazy as Venus Fly Trap? If it’s not a secret..

VFT: I’m a tattoo artist… I’m a mum… I learn to read the future in tarots… I have 7 cats and 2 dogs and I try to build a wood house in the woods and I would like to found my love to live with me in my sweet home and playing blues.

VST: What part of the world have you toured and what are your most memorable concerts – the good? the bad? and the…?

VFT: Usually I don’t like play lonely, it is very challenging to play alone, face to face with people, every little mistake takes inordinate proportion in my brain that I spoil all the fun… But portugal tour was one my best short One Girl Band experience.

VST: What are your plans for 2014? Will you come out with a new record or write a love song to me?

VFT: I write all the love songs you want sweet babe 🙂 My plan is to continue music, whatever the configuration, lonely or not, I just wanna make the music look like me, without compromises… And if I should made it by myself, I will do, I have lots of news songs I hope I will found a time to recorded as soon as possible… I miss time!! Lots, but actually I give my energy to Black Luna, my band, I play with my best friend Varla and her boyfriend, I love this project, and I feel fine to play stand up!!

VST: Though my questions are kind of teasing, of course I could never fall in love with someone distant and unattainable, except for the 18 year old Mick Jagger. Do you have memories of falling for an idol? Tell me about it!

VFT: Oh my god , you broke my heart !! 🙁 I was in love in The Cramps, Ivy and Lux both!! And I was in love in Kid Kongo but our love was impossible… 😉

VST: Could you tell me 3 of your favourite songs and tell us why you’d recommend them?

VFT: #1 “Again and again” from The Iguanas…

…cause it make me shake my ass.

#2 “Electric funerals” from Black Sabbath…

…cause it make me bang my head.

#3 “Slice of life” from Bauhaus…

…cause it makes me cry and more and more but you asked me only for 3… 😉

Editor’s Note: Tape casettes for the next sequence were impossible to transcribe due to some viscous liquid encrusted behind the heads.


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