Boys & Girls!

„Lysergic drentched anthems for all your daily evil activities.”

„an assault on all goodness!”

„If you listen to music like this

then you need psychological help.”

The Satanic Rockers from Australia


– Hey guys! You’re the Satanic Rockers! You’re doin’ fuckin’ good things! What’s the style?

Lynton: Heil Satanis! Our style is a blend of heavy blues and light metal, sometimes we like to get a bit dubbed out and go for a space reggae vibe!

Your music reminds me of the early Butthole Surfers, plus there are the Axemen too, but in the latter case just the philosophy is same – I think. These are great things because I love both. What’s your opinion?

– You quite bang on! I like the Butthole Surfers in small doses (preferably on someone else’s stereo) and the Axemen (who are from my old hometown Christchurch) are artistic heroes of mine! Do It Yourself  is the way to go, amen!

– Your name! It’s fantastic, brilliant, übergenial, ultracool, etc. Were there some other alternatives?

– Satanic Rockers was my solo guise for a couple of years. My bandmates Josh and Dave convinced me to erect this beast to pleasure live audiences here in Melbourne. There was no other name considered really, we like to rock and Satan is an interesting psychological approach…The only alternative is going back to school and studying accountancy (nah, just kidding!)!

– Ha-ha. Please offer some favourite local bands! – I enjoy listening to local bands such as Mad Nanna, they are an electric folk band who specialise in percolating pop music….I also like Drown Under from Sydney who sing songs about rock and roll’s sleazy underbelly…

– And now please tell me a bizarre or funny or weekday story that happened in your circles nowadays!

– I don’t get out much these days as I work at an organic chocolate factory. I did hear a mad singer ranting out of tune at McCafe recently(very loud and it went on for an hour or two!), when the cops took him away I let them know that they had left his jacket behind so they picked it up and then thanked me!

– What is your message to the readers? – Eat well and drink lots of water. Then wash it down with cheap Polish beer…!


Micro Manager from the brand-new Fu-Kung LP

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