This man from the little English town of St. Albans

has rebuilt Pink Floyd 1979s monster concept album The Wall brick by brick.

Maybe you think, what I also: who the fuck is care about Pink Floyd? Well, Ben Wallers. And this man, I say, is total crazy: he has rebuilt that whole fucking 26-song album! Perhaps on long rainy days.

After more than two years it released I thought after a long hardworking Friday that the time is here, I lay down, and just listened to it. Hey, I say, it’s not a fuckin’ cover album but an authentic masterpiece like the original one. Mr. Wallers not just modernized, but reinterpreted it for our time. The Wall is about a man who builds an imaginary wall brick by brick around himself from his childhood against his mental traumas and falls in total isolation and gets psychedelic visions about himself as a fascist dictator. And this wall has been rebuilt for us with the title The Dark Side of The Wall by master Ben. He has built it under the name of The Stallion with a mate from his band.

BUT WHO THE FUCK IS BEN WALLERS? A cold bloodily funny guy who writes so sarcastic and provocative lyrics that some says he will be killed one time because of them. He got a notoriety by his band The Country Teasers. It crosses the punk and country and western music in a unique damaged way with some Scotch accent. Also plays alone as The Rebel, and has some projects with different people and made some collabs, e.g. with Texan rock band Spray Paint, and surprisingly: he is a Pink Floyd fan.

And finally, I have listened to the whole fuckin’ original one first time in my life. Hey, it was hard. I say, you don’t do it! Well, I have just tried to do it. At this moment, after 5 songs, I stopped it. Sorry, it’s not my wall.



Budapest based music promoters RNR666 and KÜSS MICH came together, drunk beer and played songs to each other from their favourite records of 2019:



0. Pictish Trail – Bad Algebra (2020) from the album Thumb World
1. Salac – Putrid from the album Sacred Movements
2. Harga – Artaud from the album No Sleep ’til Avon
3. Észlelés – Kész elmebaj from the album Középtempó radikále
4. Kit Sebastian – Durma from the album Mantra Moderne
5. Harmaa Getto – Joki from the album Ovenvartija
6. Reverend Beat-Man + Izobel Garcia – Black Metal from the album Baile Bruja Muerto
7. Legion 808 – Rigolocoaster from the album Tombouctou Crisis
8. Cosmica Perversita – Fly Over Me Ou Viens Danser le Jerk from the album Cosmica Perversita
9. Piresian Beach – What Ever Happened from the album What Ever Happened
10. Keel Her – Necessities from the album With Kindness
11. Wild Classical Music Ensemble – Bande des connards from the album Tout va bien se passer (Het komt allemaal ruel gold)
12. Bazooka – Prison from the album Zero Hits
13. Új Bála – RDG34 from the album Energol
14. HC Slim – Over River Jordan from the album Sings
15. Gino & The Goons – Do The Get Around from the album Do The Get Around
16. Shit & Shine – Tea Towel from the album Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs
17. Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Back In The Corner from the EP When In Rome – Carpe Diem
18. Trash Collapso – Alligator Wasted from the EP Morbid City Devils
19. Artefactos de Dolor – Animo from the album La Nina
20. Spray Paint – Can’t Help But Kill from the album Into The Country
21. ASS – La mort en vue subjective from the album La mort en vue subjective
22. EYE – Acqua Vera from the album Metamujer
23. Opposing Currents – Dissolve from the album Mirage Information
24. E.T. Explore Me – Onemanband from the album Shine
25. CR Dicks – What Kind from the album Dick Moves
26. Piss Crystals – Problem from the album Spielt Nicht Zum Tanz
27. Christophe Clebard – Le president de Bruxelles from the album Honte


But hole

Nearly BUTTHOLE SURFERS songs, sideprojects and more on RNR666 RADIO SHOW:



00. Butthole Surfers – Something
01. Sexa – Djevojcica
02. Helios Creed – Alien lady
03. Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks with Gibby – That ain’t right
04. Mastodon feat Gibby – Atlanta
05. Ministry – Jesus built my hotrod
06. Gibby Haynes – Paul’s Not Home
07. Lubricated Goat – In the raw
08. Bad Livers – The adventures of pee pee the sailor
09. Wesley Willis – Paul Leary
10. Melvins – You can make me wait
11. Melvins – Stop moving to Florida
12. Paul Leary – Filipe Mepelpeepe
13. Carny – TV’s OK
14. Elmore James – Done Somebody Wrong
15. The Birthday Party – Kathy’s Kiss
16. Honky – Mopey Dick
17. Jackofficers – 6
18. McLusky – Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues
19. Crust – Travelling with Berlitz
20. We are the Asteroid – Rats
21. Ahmad Zahir – Tura Afsoon Chashmanam
22. Brainbombs – Slayer
23. Paul Leary – Gumby Jack Flash
24. Country teasers – How I found black-brodie
25. Drain – The ballad of Toni Fisher
26. P – I save cigarette butts
27. Gibby Haynes with Revolting Cocks – RevColution
28. Shit & Shine – Hot Shovel
30. Shit & Shine – Long Island City
31. Paul Leary – The City
32. Gibby Haynes with Dead Milkman Anderson, Walken, Buttholes and How
33. Piresian Beach – A Dirty Shame
34. Gibby Haynes and His Problems – I Need Some Help
35. USA /Mexico – LA

The show runs every Saturday bw 6-8 pm on Lahmacun.

RNR666 Goes Shopping

Songs for shopping by RNR666

Festive season is coming, marketing terror is raging, folks are gonna be mad, empty their head and pocket in the name of a poor, tortured and executed Jew. OK, it’s not our problem, but there are those stupid songs, same ones from year to year everywhere, and cannot escape, just plug the headphone in the ears and listen to our shopping songs and smile:


1. Zalatnay Sarolta – Mercedes Benz
2. A Polgári Sör Vezet (reklám, Sallay Misi)
3. Die Doraus und die Marinas – Einkauf
4. Fat White Family – Break into Aldi
5. Arndales – Prestige Pricing
6. Magnetix – Keeper Shop
7. Csókos Miska – Vettem néked egy Trabantot
8. Umela hmota – Alkohol z vodovodu
9. Arthur Brown – Come and buy
10. Allen Ginsberg – Supermarket in California
11. Flóra (reklám, Kalmár Pál)
12. Sophie – Faceshopping
13. MC 900 feat Jesus – If I only had a brain
14. Portishead – Strangers
15. Pour un homme de caron (reklám, Serge Gainsbourg)
16. Serge Gainsbourg – Sex Shop
17. Pleure moi un verre (reklám, Serge Gainsbourg)
18. Exotic Girlfriend – Exotic Girlfriend
19. Budokan Boys – Sick pic
20. Shilpa Ray – Morning Terrors Nights of Dread
21. Iggy & The Stooges – I got a right
22. Jane’s Addiction – Been caught stealin
23. John Maus – Too much money
24. Jutott Neki – Elektriska varor
25. The Slits – Spend, Spend, Spend
26. The Penetrators – Shopping bag
27. Nyertem a Toton (reklám, Kazal László)
28. Barns Courtney – Hobo Outside Tesco, London Interlude
29. Television Personalities – Salvador Dali’s Garden Party
30. Zach Philips – Fucking Up
31. Zalatnay Sarolta – Bolond gombát vegyenek
32. Department S – Somewhere Between Heaven and Tesco’s
33. Charlie Megira – Tomorrow’s Gone

RNR666 RADIOSHOW runs on the Lahmacun Radio on Saturday evenings between 6 – 8 pm.


Finally Scott & Charlene also came back in the corner

There are some important Aussie bands, one of them is SCOTT & CHARLENE’S WEDDING. After 3 years a new EP WHEN IN ROME, CARPE DIEM is coming. When I have listened this song from it first, I contentedly observed that yeah, perfect as always: fine indie trash pop, this time like Velvet Undeground:

SCOTT & CHARLENE’S WEEDING was started some years years before in Footscray, Melbourne by Craig Dermody (a fucking furniture removalist from Adelaide) who writes down-and-out pop songs. Anyway the band was named about a golden act of an Australian soap oper Neighbours, when Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan got married in 1987.

Kiváló magyar férfi muzsikusok




1. Batu Karmen – Üsse Tao
2 – 3 – 4. Csermanek Lakótelep – Ázsia Kincsei / Kezelve / Dynamic Village
5. DRAMA! Entertainment – Furcsa Lény
6. Diktátor – Kőcsirke
7. Digép – Fémszörnyeteg
8. Zorán – Így is jó
9. Szabó Gábor – Somewhere I Belong
10. Scampolo – Maradj egy percig!
11. Cipolla Varieté – A napok csak jönnek egymás után
12. Mészáros Csaba – Sebaj
13. Csókos Miska – Húzzad ide cigány!
14. Új Látásmód Fúzió – Fenomén
15. Kalmár Pál – Az élet egy csodálatos semmi (Seress Rezső)
16. Mirelit – Harmónia a berekszélen
17. Nagy Feró – Hamlet részletek
18. GM49 – Kötöde
19. Stílus Együttes – Támadnak a bőrfejűek
20. Liversing + Máté Péter – Nem kell!
21. Spatzen Jódler Sextett – Bajor bajusz
22. Bobafett – Hátam mögött Soros György
23. Stílus Együttes – Téli tavaszváró
24. BB Gabor – Soviet Jewellery
25. Monty Cantsin – Cautchuck Culture
26. Korda parádé + M7
27. Ápolók – Szarvasgyár



Kibaszott jó. Erős és sötét. Autonóm és szuverén. Ketten jutottak róla eszembe: a Cramps és PJ Harvey. Senki más, hiába is erőlködtem. A WHAT EVER HAPPENED a legjobb magyar lemez, amit az utóbbi években hallottam. Köszönöm:



Egy TIGER LILLIES koncert a legjobb szórakozás. Van ott három angol férfi festett arccal, mint valami cirkuszi bohócok, és dalokat énekelnek, és majd minden dal egy-egy mocskos történet maximális átéléssel előadva, és te nevetsz, bár inkább sírnod kellene ezeken a groteszk dalokon. Például ez arról szól, amikor valaki már túl van mindenen, a kéjgyilkolás sem elégíti ki:

“Bűn az élet”, lehetne a mottójuk. Minden fajtáját megénekelték. Lemezeik kaján katalógusai az emberi eltévelyedéseknek, haszonlesésnek, perverzióknak. Például ebben a dalban van szex, drog és sivárság:

Az egész a londoni Sohoban kezdődött egy bordély feletti padlásszobában, ahol Martyn Jacques teológia-filozófia szakos hallgató lakott, és a hely szelleme inspirálta a TIGER LILLIES megalapítására. Azóta sok hulla lefolyt már a Temzén, 30 év alatt, haj, de mennyi, a Yard sem tudná megmondani. Ők közben kiadtak, ha jól számolom, 36 lemezt, közte a Háromgarasos operát, amit kihoztak kettőből.

mutatják be 30. évfordulós ünnepi műsorukat


és remélem előadják Peggy Lee “Is That All There Is?” című 1969-es slágerének 10 perces verzióját. A dal egyébiránt Thomas Mann Kiábrándultság című novellája dalban az író saját szavaival:



Az RNR666 Rádióshow nyárvégi adása:


1. Corona – The Rhythm of the Night
2. Norma Tanega – Your Dead
3. Tandoori Knights – Temple of Boom
4. Powersolo – Backstab
5. Santa Lucia – Harhaa
6. Link Wray – Fire & Brimstone
7. Wrust – God of the Insane
8. EJS – Saturday Night Sonnet 11
9. Dead Moon – 40 Miles of Bad Road
10. Surfbort – Dope
11. Monster Magnet – Negasonic Teenage Warhead
12. Donny Benet – Takin’ The Heat
13. Shilpa Ray – I’m Not Frigid… Yet
14. The Evolutions – She Cut Me
15. Model Zero – Japanese Death Poem
16. Vital Idles – Rustle Rustle
17. Hellshovel – Stealing Candy
18. Sadistic Mika Band – Dance is Over
19. Lloyd Cheechoo – James Bay
20. The Yawpers – Forgiveness Through Pain
21. Taiwan Housing Project – Vessel Creep
22. Észlelés – Jogosan félsz
23. The Raws – Hala Aciz
24. Throwaway – Revenge Society
25. Haint Blue – Mama, God
26. CR Dicks – Red Moped
27. Piresian Beach – Make You Mine
28. King Diamond – Abigail
29. Jesus Lizard – Gladiator
30. Clone Defects – Little Ms Lori
31. Weird Omen – Highway
32. Jorge Ben – Ela mora em Matogrosso fronteira com o Paraguai
33. Gil Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
34. Kaputt – Parsonage Square
35. Sleaford Mods – B.H.S.

RNR666 Rádióshow minden szombaton este 6-tól a Lahmacun online közösségi rádióban.

“I’m proud to say I’m still a sponge.” Shilpa Ray about her influences

But at first, the most important thing:

Brooklyn based singer songwriter

She’s going to perform in Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, BUDAPEST JUL 22, Slovenia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Italy. Exact dates and places


In her music you can find blues punk rock and roll soul gospel and beside conventional instruments a harmonium and sometime a pedal steel guitar:

Some people say her music is a mix of Blondie, Cramps and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Her singing style is often compared to Patti Smith and Nick Cave. Some years before she toured with Cave as supporting act and backup singer, even he was who released her first EP after her band Happy Hookers disbanded. Even more she recorded her version of Kurt Weil/Bertolt Brecht song Pirate Jenny with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis for a compilation album.

As a child of an Indian immigrant family she learnt to play the piano and harmonium but was banned from western type music but later she became a goth girl. Her first band was the bass-drums-harmonium trio Beat The Devil where she wrote all of music and lyrics already. Her music is so entertainingly eclectic that I felt the need ask about her influences. She says:

I’m proud to say I’m still a sponge in the sense that I can absorb a lot. At the same time with a question like this I never know where to start. I obviously love music my tastes have a fairly wide range. I’d say my biggest influences are the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Arthur Lee

Classic Punk, Hip Hop especially old school Hip Hop, Industrial/Noise, Soul, and Old Bollywood music from the 60s and 70s. Lately I’ve been really into Broadcast and Ministry. Ha! Who would ever put those two together? I don’t know, it’s just where I’m at:

I like other forms of art as well. I used to be a dancer so that comes in to play a lot. If I can’t move to my own music then what ‘s the point? I do like to read and do it often but in short form. Something I can get through in one sitting like poetry, essays, short stories rather than a novel. I’ve got a short attention span. I love streaming TV shows. I’m all about it, especially if the writing is witty. I recently watched Fleabag and Killing Eve. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a damn good writer.

Cooking is another big one for me. I love to cook and I love to eat. Most studio engineers I know are big into cooking. It makes sense to me cause making a record and making a well balanced meal is kind of the same thing. Anytime I’m at a mixing session I often wonder if the track has been over spiced. I love going to museums and looking at art. I like the theatre a lot to. This is all starting to sound like a profile on some Tinder app. Are you gonna swipe left or swipe right?





RNR666 Rádióshow a Lahmacun Rádió műsorán minden szombat este 6-tól 8-ig.






1. Elmex – Heavy metál
2. Iron Steel – Speed Metal Up Your Ass
3. Possessed – Seven Churches
4. Dizziness – Midnight lover
5. Ratt – Body talk
6. W.A.S.P. – I wanna be somebody
7. Randy – The Beast
8. Bon Jovi – Shot through the heart
9. Pokolgép – Totális metál
10. The Body – To Carry The Seeds Of Death Within Me
11. Hellhammer – Messiah
12. Bathory – Hades
13. G.I.S.M. – Fire
14. Exit – A család szégyene
15. Iron Angel – Heavy metal soldiers
16. Cryptic Slaughter – Lowlife
17. Enforcer – Walk with me
18. Exodus – Piranha
19. Agent Steel – Agents of steel
20. Akela – Rockernek születtem
21. Destruction – Total Desaster
22. Riot – Thundersteel
23. Violent Force – Dead city
24. Diktátor – A sátán kutyája
25. Exorcist – Lucifer’s Lament
26. Accept – I’m a rebel


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