After more than 10 albums QUINTRON‘s first book EUROPA MY MIRROR is recently released by GONER RECORDS. Illustrated by the amazing Miss Pussycat!


Ostensibly it is a chronicle of Quintron’s last European tour, but the book is just as much about the myriad illusions of American identity. The tales are funny and thrilling and mostly true and someone almost dies on every page.

“If Dr. Frankenstein were working with raw material from Madame Curie, Delia Derbyshire, James Brown, and Wilhelm Reich, the result might be something like QUINTRON. Underground inventor, composer, record maker, impresario, and performer par excellence. There is nothing and no one like him and this is his first book and it’s a gas!” – said Ian Svenonious – musician: Nation Of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Chain & The Gang, Escape-ism, and writer.

Quintron is a nightclub organist (and member of Gary Wrong Group) who runs an electronics repair shop/recording studio called Spellcaster Lodge in New Orleans. He invented a mechanically-rotating, light-activated drum machine called Drum Budy. His current project is centered around a weather-controlled synthesizer he made called WEATHER WARLOCK designed to produce mellow, healing tones, randomly modulated by sun, rain, wind, and temperature.

WEATHER WARLOCK also is a band. Their first album Sunset Waits For No Man was recorded with Weather Warlock on the Gulf Coast with Quintron, Aaron Hill (EYEHATEGOD, Missing Monuments), Gary Wrong (Wizzard Sleeve, Vatican Dagger) together with two New Orleans free jazz sax players to glue this mass of southern scum rock:

Weather Warlock’s second album Headless Falcon was made by the core group with with a handful of local musicians in Abu Dhabi.




here is the 9th KILLBONOCLUB

now with a touch of conservative experimentalism



1. ensemble, et alpost chamber percussion quartet from New York – new album THE SLOW REVEAL on IMAGINATOR RECORDS (US) produced and engineered by John McEntire (Tortoise, Stereolab).

2. Lourdes would be a nice little town in the French Pyrenees but it is poisoned by serious devoutness and pilgrimage industry because of a 14 years old girl called Bernadette met Virgin Mary more times there in the middle of the XIX c. whereafore she was canonized later. More later poor sinners of Parma formed the band LOURDES REBELS after they met Mary Jane. New album LOLITA on AAGOO RECORDS (US)


1. We never published any records.
2. We are support band only.
3. We play just slow songs.
4. No band photo!

were the basic ideas of British punk band Mekons when it started, but before their first gig in a punk festival the organizer told them – Fast songs or there is no show for you. So they played on double speed. After the show a man went to them and said: – Hey you are really great, I would like to release a single. Later when NME wanted a picture they went to a field and somebody made some shots from miles. After reject they built figures from coat hangers and took photos of them. Finally a photographer was sent by the music mag to crown the failure.

More later Mekons guitarist Jon Langford moved to Chicago in 1992 and discovered the similarities of country and punk, and formed alternative country bands as Waco Brothers (with a former Revolting Cocks and KMFDM member!) and Pine Valley Cosmonauts. Now here is his brand new album with FOUR LOST SOULS on BLOODSHOT RECORDS

In Oxford Mississippi
The past is always near
Conversations and brown liquor
Faulkner is still here

4. South English HOLIDAY GHOSTS are combining members of The Black Tambourines and Red Cords with William Weak. Originally started out as the solo project of Sam Stacpoole of The Black Tambourines. Play primitive picturesque style of rock n roll, with influences from acts such as Modern Lovers, The Clean, Violent Femmes and The Velvet Underground. Debut album released on PNKSLM RECORDS (UK/SWE)

5. ODONIS ODONIS: the Canadian eclectic punk band turned into techno. NO POP album on TELEPHONE EXPLOSION (CAN) and FELTE RECORDS (US)

6. Castel Goffredo is a nice little North Italian town with a composer, Giuseppe Acerbi, who anyway was a jurist, and who knows why, around 1799 went among the Finnish and collected some melodies like “Do not be afraid of the people of Finland”. And also there is a fucking good garage rock’n’roll band BEE BEE SEA. Amazing second album SONIC BOOMERANG on WILD HONEY RECORDS (I) and DIRTY WATER USA. And of course there are some fine renaissance buildings too.


7. KO:MIFinnish girl plays alternative chamber music. Debut album SONGS OF THEM on SVART (SF)

8. Jazz at a bistro in a rainy afternoon with a bloody mary in Phoenix, Arizona by HOWE GELB piano trio with LONNA KELLEY. FUTURE STANDARDS album on FIRE RECORDS (UK)

9. 1979. Punk is dead. Guy, Jim and Janet survive to journey into the unknown and started to play music on acid as NORMIL HAWAIIANS. In 1982 the band recorded the double album MORE WEALTH THAN MONEY at ex-Amon Düül and Hawkwind bass player Dave Anderson’s Foel Studio in mid Wales. Occasionally he joined them. Re-issue on UPSET THE RHYTHM (UK) with extras include the original 20 minute version of Travelling West, featuring Dave Anderson.

10. Texan label Monofonus invited DAN MELCHIOR to Austin to record with local post punk idiots SPRAY PAINT. Dan Melchior (ex-Broke Revue) is a British musician. He comes from garage punk, worked together with Billy Childish, Holly Golightly and Walker Russel (Pheromoans), and usually makes experimental other music.


11. Finnish style mix of hardcore punk and metal by LAPIN HELVETTI. The band was founded from Terveet Kädet when after 36 years they decided to discontinue in 2016. Debut album on SVART RECORDS

12. Well, there were some cool punky Nirvana song beside whimper – came to my mind while I listened to French garage grunge punk duo ESCOBAR‘s debut album THE BIGGEST SOUND on DIRTY WATER USA


13. LIL TITS. Chicago dirty noise rock trio cassette EP on MONIKER RECORDS (US)

14. HAND & LEG. Greek drums’n’bass punk splash. Debut album on SLOVENLY (US). For the fans of Mexiacan drums’n’bass punk duo XYX.

15. THE MONSIEURS (US), trash rock and roll trio of Amazing Andy California from trash rock and roll trio Tunnel of Love. Now with 2 girls. Second album DEUX on SLOVENLY

16. – In a sense the rock was a new teenage religion of consumerism, designed by the ruling class to replace the outmoded Christian faith of antipleasure which had been so useful to them since the feudal age. The juvenile delinquent was the true believer of his new faith. Thus rock was impatient, lustful, fast, and rowdy

– writes IAN SVENONIOUS in his book CENSORSHIP NOW. But now he introduces you to the art of ESCAPE-ISM with his brand new poetic one-man rock and roll show and album on MERGE RECORDS (US)


He was chosen “the most perfect boyfriend material” by the nation’s teen girl mag Sassy in 1990. Next year his Washington DC hc-punk band The Nation Of Ulysses released its debut album 13-Point Program To Destroy America.

17. PUSSYCAT AND THE DIRTY JOHNSONS are a British rock trio of a hard rocker, a rockabilly face, and a punk girl. AIN’T NO PUSSY album on DIRTY WATER RECORDS (UK)




Spray Paint with Dan Melchior


– Zac Ives daughter Anna knows our true spirit:


Last spring Texan label Monofonus invited Dan Melchior to Austin to record with local post punk idiots Spray Paint. Over a week or so beers were drank and songs were hammered out. The result is a Krauty-Crazy Horse-y blending of these two distinct artists. Dan Melchior (ex-Broke Revue) is a highly talented British musician. He comes from garage punk, worked together with Billy Childish, Holly Golightly and Walker Russel (Pheromoans), and usually makes experimental other music.

Their collaborative album under the name of Contributors out now. This record is the second in a series of Spray Paint collaborations that will be coming out on different labels. The 1st  with Ben Mackie from Aussie punk band Cuntz was released this September on 12XU Records.

Sometimes Art is Scarf


ART IS HARD is a small independent record label in Bristol (UK) run by two friends influenced by the attitude and ethics of labels such as Factory, Wichita, Anticon and Dischord. They have a strange habit: release things – mainly postcards – with music, but they published a scarf with download code too.

To celebrate their seventh birthday they asked seven label artists  Samuel Stacpoole from Black Tambourines, KEEL HER, /please/, The Death of Pop, Shunkan, Gorgeous Bully, Oro Swimming Hour to record a 50 second song. Each track is an infectious burst of garage balladry, lo-fi bliss or trademark jangle:

300 copies black 7″ flexidisc with gold foil artwork with a postcard containing a download code. And if you would like to get postcards with music regularly then join the club.



Hi there, here’s the 8th historical KILLBONOCLUB

the monthly music below the line:

great artists, independent labels, brand new records


The drawings from graphic artist Luca Retraite who has a bunch of punk band like Ventre de Biche in this show.


I have got the DARLENE SHRUGG debut album from the English label UPSET THE RHYTHM with the remark that it will certainly like to me. I thought of course when I saw that American art pop artist Meg Remy – aka U.S.Girls – makes music together again her husband the Canadian art rock artist Slim Twig,  and I like their music very much. And Toronto based synth pop duo Ice Cream also involved in the project DARLENE SHRUGG which started as a duo of long time collaborators Slim Twig and Simone TB of Fake Palms and more. I added these info and tried to imagine their music before listening, and I was totally surprised



SAPIN is an easy French country garage rock band, and this love song In My Head from the album DARK IS THE NIGHT…ON IS THE PARTY is the indie pop hit song of the month. It is released on HOWLIN’ BANANA and BEAST RECORDS (Both F).

3 ——

A fucking strong debut album from L.A. punk trio THE SIDE EYES. SO SICK is released on IN THE RED RECORDS (US). Anyway lead singer Astrid McDonald is the  daughter of Go-Go’s guitarist-songwriter Charlotte Caffey and Redd Kross singer-guitarist Jeff McDonald. The last song on the album is a cover song, was written by Astrid’s mother when she was in the late-70s L.A. punk trio The Eyes.

4 ——

In the late autumn of 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Baron called Philippe Jean-Piere Dominique Sainz met a beautiful creature, Linda Felicia Marie Rydelius, and they fell in love. Since then they created dark and mystical music together as BARONEN & SATAN. Their debut album SATAN IS A LADY will be released on 31st Oct on DIRTY WATER RECORDS USA. It’s sounds like an upside down cross between the Cramps and Bauhaus with Siouxsie casting spells through a fender vibrosonic amp!

5 ——

PERE UBUs new album 20 YEARS IN A MONTANA MISSILE SILO contains nasty little punk songs and as paradoxical as ever. Released on CHERRY RED (UK)

6 ——

Gradual metamorphosis from punk aesthetics to a truly cosmic country by GUN OUTFIT (US). The new album OUT OF RAGE on PARADISE OF BACHELORS RECORDS (US) on 10th Nov. It is debating the denouement of the decaying American dream.

7 ——

Some interesting statistics by Finnish grindcore band DEATH TOLL 80K on the album STEP DOWN on SVART RECORDS (SF)

8 ——


WILD BILLY still CHILDISH. Subjects on the new album ‘brand new cage‘ include lost landmarks of ’70s Chatham, the true revolution of punk, spirituality, lost loves and the sidelining of Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones. Released on DAMAGED GOODS RECORDS (UK)

9 ——

Post Washington DC hc-punk by THE EFFECTS. Debut album EYES TO THE LIGHTS on DISCHORD RECORDS (US). “Post” means not really hc and punk, but hc-punk influenced rock music, a lil bit seems progressive, but fine.

10 —–

‘Why bother moving to a more expensive city to be unemployed when you can do that in Detroit’  said Joe Casey the singer of PROTOMARTYR who write the lyrics of resignation for the sound of abandoned buildings in the manner of Gang of Four, The Fall, and sometimes Joy Division. New album RELATIVES IN DESCENT on Domino Recordings(UK)

But the city “is really changing. If you had walked here from where you’re staying five years ago, there is a good chance that you would have been murdered.”


Quotes from the interview in Loud & Quiet

11 —–


VENTRE DE BICHE is a cold synth-pop project of French punk musician and graphic artist Luca Retraite, who runs the label Maison De Retraite.  “Musical influences? Brainbombs, Flipper, Serge Gainsbourg, Wu Tang Clan, Suicide, Missing Foundation, Burzum, Spacemen 3, DNA, Mars, Captain Beefheart, DAF, Stooges, NEU!, Swans, Throbbing Gristle, Jesus and Mary Chain, la Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de L’est… I also listen to more and more hip-hop and traditional music.”

333, MI HOMME, MI BETE (means half man, haf beast) album on TEENAGE MENOPAUSE RECORDS (F)

12 —–

Free jazz and poetry against human brutality: debut recording by IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS (US) the liberation-oriented free jazz quintet, who came together to perform at a Musicians Against Police Brutality event. Album released on INTERNATIONAL ANTHEM and DON GIOVANNI RECORDS (both US)

13 —–

OBNOX (US) is a personal punk blues soul rock and roll hip hop noise project of Bim Lamont Thomas drummer of blues punk duo BASSHOLES. On the new album MURDER RADIO punk is the dominant style. Released by ever/never (US)

14 —–

KOHTI TUHOA. Finnish HC. Pelon neljäs valtakunta, ie 4th Kingdom of Fear, album on Svart Records. No need to say more.

15 —–

Manchester-based PROTO IDIOT started as a one-man garage punk band, but because the idiots draw each others it is a trio for the present. Presents a mix of 60s garage, 70s glam and 80s oddball, like a post-punk Bay City Rollers. LEISURE OPPORTUNITY album on SLOVENLY (US) and BAD PAINTINGS RECORDS (UK)

16 —–


LES LULLIES: Jean-Baptiste, Jean-Louis, Baptiste and Louis Lully. Their motto: speed not weed and punk. From France. DON’T LOOK TWICE 7″ EP on SLOVENLY.

17 —–

The Mallissimal Movement born in the 50’s in St-Petersburg by self-taught Russian musicians who took an interest in old Siberian sacred rituals. The French CERCLE DES MALLISSIMALISTES is devoted to the research, preservation and diffusion of Mallissimal Music. Recently they recorded a work of an Italian far-leftist terrorist and composer Faustina M. Todesco who left the Music School of Milan before graduating to join The Red Brigades. It formed in 1970 and sought to create a “revolutionary” state through armed struggle. They attained notoriety in the 1970s and early 80s with their violent attempts to destabilise Italy by acts of sabotage, bank robberies and kidnappings. Their most infamous act was kidnapping and murdering ex-PM Aldo Moro in 1975. But Faustina M. Todesco quit from the organization in 1974 and fled the western world and left activism for mysticism. Later she killed herself in the river Seine. But I don’t believe these things. I think these are just the game of the fantasy, but I like them. And as always in the Mallissimal Movement, the matter is electro-acoustic trance.




Drawings of Luca Retraite



“I like rotten expensive arrogant self-destructive white male culture. Punk was too energetic and positive for me.” Ben Wallers



The Wall is recognized as one of the most famous concept albums of all time. Bass guitarist Roger Waters conceived the album as a rock opera during Pink Floyd’s 1977 In the Flesh Tour, when his frustration with the audience became so acute that he spat on them. Its story, which follows themes of abandonment and personal isolation, explores Pink, a character whom Waters modeled after himself and Syd Barrett who one time was the main songwriter of the band, but was fired owing to psychedelic behaviour in 1968. Later he turned into a silent mad. Well, Pink’s life begins with the loss of his father during the Second World War, and continues with abuse from his schoolteachers, an overprotective mother, and the breakdown of his marriage; all contribute to his eventual self-imposed isolation from society, represented by a metaphorical wall.

Ben Wallers said about: – I don’t find Roger’s lyrics embarrassing if I listen to The Wall with my Mom; but if I listen to Animals with my Dad, I get embarrassed and have to go to the toilet, sorry I mean bathroom.


Anyway Waters is the really interesting character for me. A hopeless case, an utter shit-head. Brilliant character actor and composer. But I have to confess it was burnt into me at age 11/12/13 when I got into ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘A Collection of Great Dance Songs’, ‘The Final Cut’ and ‘The Wall’. I loved them unquestioningly.

So much so that he and Alastair Mackinven also from Country Teasers now show you THE DARK SIDE OF THE WALL on their song for song interpretation triple album under name of THE STALLION.

Apropos of their work they quote inaccurately the cop who shuts the jailcell gate on Woody Allen’s character in “Deconstructing Harry”: – Let me give you some advice: YOU’RE IN DEEP SHIT.

It will release soon on IN THE RED RECORDS (US)




French psych garage rock and roll band JACK OF HEART and Canadian country rock and roll band STRAWBERRY SUN in BUDAPEST at RNR666 PARTY 17/9/2017 > CLICK



Not trivilal that Piero Ilov (JOH) and Jeff Clarke (SS) are members of Canadaian garage rock band DEMON’S CLAWS.





Hi there, here’s the 7th historical KILLBONOCLUB

Great artists from brand new records monthly

Music below the line



1. “We manufacture blues for smartphones, and tunes to celebrate the failure of the human race as biological species.”

EL PAN BLANCO (Mex) – Droga cassette on Burger Records (US)

Strange Texan punk band plays like Sonic Youth

“We have the tools and we have the talent. No show too small, no fee too big. We’re ready for anything.”


Singing in a local band but struggling with shyness and blackouts whenever she tried to perform in front of an audience, so she treated the problem with beers. When she was in a feminist punk band started to record on her own at home on a half broken computer, and a shy kid turned into shit.

SHITKID (Swe) – FISH album on PNKSLM (UK)


HOLY STRANGERS is a “modern folk opera” by Memphis born Texan singer/songwriter MICAH P HINSON. He is telling the story of a wartime family, going from birth to love, to marriage and children, to war and betrayal, murder to suicide. In this show we are in the lovers’ lane.

Album released on FULL TIME HOBBY RECORDS, and he is on tour in Europe now!

Jazzy anarcho punk no wave new york. And Ani Ivry-Block from Palberta so beautifully screams like Stefania Pedretti of OvO.

SHIMMER (US) debut album on DROP MEDIUM (US)


This pleasant pop album brings the 80s new wave synth pop, but sometimes like New Order and Joy Divison for me.


to get a sound that makes you feel sick in the stomach because it sounds so good.”

NUN (Aus) – IMMERSION (WITH ENDERIE) digital EP and cassette

For many years, LYDIA LUNCH has envisioned a collective dedicated to funeral arts. That seed was finally planted in 2012 when The Phantom Family Halo supported Lunch’s Retrovirus’ US tour. Lydia spotted Dahm of Phantom Family Halo wearing an undertaker jacket while performing in NYC. It has turned out that Dahm Majuri Cipolla, a descendant of Edgar Allen Poe, has been interested in undertaking and the funeral arts since a young boy. It is of no surprise that he spent his formative years inhabiting a funeral home in Louisville, KY where he fell in love with our in-house mortician, Sara Majuri Cipolla. Sara and Dahm’s love remains a guiding light in the FAMILY IN MOURNING community as can be heard on the album EULOGY on GALTTA RECORDS (US)

Person L is Oakland (US) resident, solo artist and academic Dania Luck. Deeply involved in the minimal wave and underground electronic music scene. She tries to maximise the minimalism.



Rock ‘n’ Roll with heart and soul from Texas. So cowboy.

The strange Texan punk band with Ben from the Aussie Cuntz
SPRAY PAINT with BEN MACKIE7″ single on 12XU

That’s how it goes living in Doom Town, USA

Tina (Vocals/Trumpet) & Simon (Guitar/Vocals) became neighbours and frequenting the same sweaty cellar dance nights around town. They formed the band around the idea of creating a vibrant blend of new-wave vicious psych-surf, garage-punk, exotica & rock n roll. Currently also contains members from Italy, USA, Colombia, Spain & UK.


Hard noisy rock and roll, featuring former members of Psychic Ills and Amen Dunes: HONEY (US) – NEW MOODY JUDY album on WHARF CAT (US)


And this picture! I’ve found it recently. Oh how I like this


 It was shot by the police during a general raid in Budapest in 1972.

Lots of pictures from the same raid. A travel through the night. Through pubs and streets and bars and restaurants and taverns. Meet every kind of figures, even a police dog. And finally go to the police station by a paddy-waggon.


The Door Girl With Strong Hooks

‘Fuck it! You want a strong hook? I’ll give you a fucking strong hook!’



By Jonathan, SHILPA RAY could be Patti Smith and Iggy Pop love child with Allen Ginsberg as the midwife. Maybe, I do not know, but her new album DOOR GIRL released now, and it is among the best ones this year. She is coming from New York, living in a love and hate relationship with the city where she works as a door girl at Pianos bar. And this door girl tells stories about the city and its people who are living in a big sweet rotting apple like worms.

She has started to write this album after she was rejected by record labels and booking agents because ‘she doesn’t write strong enough hooks.’ ‘Fuck it! You want a strong hook? I’ll give you a fucking strong hook!’ And then she wrote the first song for the album in about an hour or so, really angry.

Musically this record is all digging into what she felt was indigenous from New York City, so a lot of the influences came from doo-wop, punk, noise, hip-hop and no-wave.

This song ‘EMT Police and the Fire Department’ is about a hot summer night at the Pianos when somebody called the ambulance, the cops, and the fire-brigade, and they arrived at the same time

‘It was like one of those nights in the summer when you know there’s a lot of trouble about to happen, because it gets swampy and hot and everybody goes crazy… I’ve definitely seen people fighting in the front. It breaks out in this massive wave: it gradually happens and then somebody calls out some kind of a sexist or racial slur, because they always just go to that… Then the whole place just goes crazy. I’ve definitely seen somebody break a bottle over a guy’s head before over something really stupid.’

DOOR GIRL ON TOUR in October in UK, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic, in November in the US. So if you want a strong hook, she will give you a fucking strong hook.


UK DATES: 3 > Brighton – Green Door Store, 4 > London – The Social, 5 > Glasgow – 13th Note Cafe, 7 > Gateshead – The Central Bar, 8 > Hull – Adelphi Club

If you want to know more about her songs, she talks about here


Donkey and Music

The Republic of Macedonia is a little country in the middle of the Balkans which has become independent during the break-up of Yugoslavia in the early 90s. And there is an underground music scene.


The Yugoslavian underground was very strong and rampant in the last decade of the South Slav confederacy with many great and strange artists like the Slovenian Laibach, Borghesia, the Serbian Disciplina Kicme, the Montenegrin Rambo Amadeus, the Croatian Satan Panonski, the Hungarian Bada Dada, and lots of others. But I heard about Macedonian underground artists nothing. Until recently when the various artists album “Magare i muzika” (Donkey and Music) has been released on BALKAN VELIKI RECORDS.

It’s a surprisingly good and colourful album about the Macedonian underground from indie pop new wave via psych-folk punk to electronic beats. And exception of Dj Zdena – who played at RNR666 Party in Budapest – and Bernays Propaganda – who makes tours in Europe often – there are totally unknown artists for me. But there are not just Macedonian artists like the Croatian Lutajuci Dj Zdena or the English Membranes because they were also released by BALKAN VELIKI. And at the moment  I have realized that hc-punk jazz fusion band Mnjenje is Serbian. So this album represents a wider region, what means the ex-Yugoslvaian underground is strong and rampant. But unfortunately there are two horrible hard rock songs in the middle of the album:

Anyway, I was curious about the Macedonian people, and it has turned out they are descendants of orthodox Slavs who did not run away and did not become Greeks, Bulgarians or Serbs during the last 150 years. After waves of different national proselytization some of them realized that anyway they are Macedonians. At first officially the separate Macedonian ethnicity was recognised by Communist International in 1934 because Soviet Russia wanted to use the network of Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization to revolutionize the Balkans. Funny, that year the organization was banned and dissolved in Bulgaria where it was state within the state. But after this they could manage to kill the Yugoslavian king and – if he already was there – the French Foreign Minister in Marseille same year within the framework of Croatian – Italian – Hungarian cooperation.


Albano-Macedonian prog folk rock band Blla Blla Blla…

Pic above: Mnjenje

Some Strange Electro Australians

“We know that’s the main aim of the sound: to get a sound that makes you feel sick in the stomach, because it sounds so good.”



NUN plays 70s & 80s horror movie influenced cold electric body noise punk music. Since their debut album, I am a NUN fan, and I have been waiting for the next one. And now, after three years they have released a song in four versions, and I am perfectly satisfied:

Studio and live ones were recorded years before the debut album, two remixes were made by ENDERIE, techno alias of Brisbane based experimental musician Andrew McLellan, who is so without limits that his project CURED PINK also played at Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Sydney International Noise Conference and Deadshits Fest in Brisbane. Anyway there is a new ENDERIE album on PARADISE DAILY RECORDS.


The Radical Elite

CHAIN & THE GANG are the first and the best anti liberty group in Rock N Roll

and now the founder, Ian Svenonius – the first winner of a nationwide search for the “most perfect boyfriend material a girl could ask for” by Sassy magazine, one of America’s hottest teenage guides to life and love – this was in 1990, at the same time when his then band The Nation Of Ulysses released its debut album ’13-Point Program To Destroy America’ – so now, he tells you the truth

from the new CHAIN & THE GANG album


Anyway “The reason I entered the Sassy contest is to indoctrinate youth gone astray.”

because “There are so many kids dressing like Grateful Dead people. It’s kind of tedious.”

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