Post-happymonday post and post-salute to the post-punk lo-fi Maraudeur from Geneva, Switzerland, who were swirling through England last week!

After some tapes and an orange flexidisc this is their first LP released by the Parisian Bruit Direct Disques, the association for brick throwers, worldwide.

The vid of Nothing Will Change was recorded by the Californian Oakland based The Grassy Null Studio on VHS. The recording studio has been supporting such bands like Meat Market, Froth or Charlie Megira through years

If a swimming pool scene had a match and described a band that would be the prime for the Maraudeur: Strange Afternoon In The Swimming Pool + Hesher

more mix and match

Hidden Track (split Maraudeur/Purpur Spytt) + Julie and Franc’s sexually aroused scene from Francois Ozon’s Swimming Pool.
Dust Dries on It’s Rest (Maraudeur) + Hot Rod‘s wacky pool scene in the direction of The Lonely Island trio.
Poor Creatures That We Are (split Maraudeur/Purpur Spytt) + Spielberg’s Jaws opening scene






A rebel, the founder of the Stay Up Forever record label and collective, which has been going against the mainstream since ’93.

Turning from the punk towards techno raves in the early 90s, started hosting-supporting squat and warehouse parties, thus created their own crowd and party scene in London. Linked up with the Conspiracy and Bedlam Sound System for Chris and his friends it was a forthright move to the Spiral Tribe and its traveller scene. Then they got involved in such free raves as Lechlade and Castlemorton Common Fest in ’92. Now it was really only within a reach to set up a record label which represents their sound and keeps up this network.

As the collective began with spinning some of those German producers’s records like Hardfloor (who can be considered as one of the pioneers of the acid sound) their own way led to the evolution of the acid techno: the fusion of goa, hard trance, techno and acid house which in time became fast and grungy; fine tuned by raw, anarchist vibes.

So this November the label celebrates the 25th anniversary of it’s existence, the never-ending 90’s, the everlasting raves.


Retroflex Presents Liberator 25

Paths without Directions


Ty Segall – “Manipulator”
or “The Ballad of Sue Thumb” or “The Faker Wants Your Place”
album review

Paths without directions
Eclipse of the haunting icons
Construction without an aim
Rule the thoughtfully arranged game

Revolution without blood
Carrying the cross of the patience as a lug
Ease, experimentation and fury
Standing tall in the gown of liberty

A crawler without a grin
Before the verities had been scratched into the skin
Tried to keep calm
But the wires were shrieking under his fingers burning in napalm

Characters without faces
Ravel out the endless piles
In a race against the clock
Vagabond caravan swirling in burgundy rose petals

Skinny lover without a coyote fur
Creased beer bottles on a velvet seat cover
The princess kept the view
A calm nirvana in the desert of the last Sioux

Prosector without a lancet
Lying on Sunday afternoon’s blanket
Catch the aspects how your face reflects
In the wreath a dozen of singing cats

Paths by now have been woven by The Golden State’s son
Denoting ideas of this aeon
And the configuration slowly became
The seventh rose of the tamed

released by Drag City (US)

Ty Segall Euro Tour Oct-Nov with JC Satán





The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

Midnight Sun – album review

Imagine there is a Bible of visions
It’s easy if you try
You can wade knee deep into it
Dig your fingers into the hazy pastel sky

Imagine these 12 rays of the midnight sun
What depict antique tales

Imagine a fay in the dark side of the moon
It isn’t hard to do
Paint a fresco on the infinite canvas from the heritage
This is the last call’s view

Imagine the hanged man
Who frames the reverie

We are dreamers
Maybe not the only ones
In the bed of roses we’re whirling with the effects
Johannesburg’s grace is sparkling in the glass

Imagine drowning dazed in the dreamless daytime
I wonder if you can
No need for narrow beaten paths or distorted spectacles
Only a compelling surreal landscape of Albert Hoffmann


Released on Chimera Music


42 Minutes Away From Reality

Quilt – Held In Splendor LP on Mexican Summer

Until it is blowing great guns, you light a fire in, preparing your last 2 years most remarkable untold experiences to animate it now. The dreams are shining brighter and vividly in the kaleidoscope, desires begin sharper, the jeans are dirtier than ever by those old blues tones. Now put a stamp on your mail, create a braid from the voices, plunge your shoes into the glistening nocturnal lights, then step on the rusty nails in the drunkship by the dawn. After a cigarette tasting coffee you hung all the 13 pictures on the wall, dust the threadbare seat of your turquoise Cadillac, Snow White gives a kiss on your nose, finally beyond recovery you reel into the chrome yellow sky. You are 42 minutes away from reality.


Euro tour April     Facebook     Bandcamp

“So good to be on the road with friends”

An interview with Susi, the bass player of German noise rock trio, Don Vito about music, travelling and friendship


What was the music milieu like around you  in Leipzig when you grew up? Who made the most significant impression on you in this period?

Well, we live in Leipzig since 2001. We all grew up in different cities around Magdeburg, a city 140 km north of Leipzig. That’s why it’s a bit hard to answer your question. Our guitar player used to listen to Hardcore when he was young, the drummer was a pure Punk and my own taste was chameleonic. During these years there were so many things, who influenced us, not only the music we liked/like and the bands we’ve in before, also the life itself, books, political circumstances, weather, family, friends, world… But I think the Fall of the Wall was the most significant impression in our youth.

How your music taste was being shaped by each other during the years?

As we know each other for decades it was a natural growing process. Someone came up with something new, the other liked it (or not) from the first moment, later or never ;). When you have 3 open-minded persons with different tastes of music, the individual taste grows a lot.

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