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One of the best European garage rock/punk label is Goodbye Boozy Records. It was founded in the late 90s in Teramo, which is a little central Italian town. The label is focusing limited edition 7″ vinyls. Some names of the roster: Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, King Khan, BBQ, Lantern, LiveFastDie, Red Mass, Straight Arrows, Movie Star Junkies.

Some of the recent 7″ vinyls are free to download now: The Hemingers, Sick Thought, Blowtops, Cosmonauts, People’s Temple, Tight Jeans, Livids, Drags, Warm Soda.


New Goodbye Boozy Records


One of the best European garage rock/punk label is Goodbye Boozy Records. It was founded in the late 90s in Teramo, which is a little central Italian town. The label is focusing limited edition 7″ vinyls. Some names of the roster: Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, King Khan, BBQ, River City Tainlines, Lantern, CPC Gangbangs, LiveFastDie, Red Mass, Useless Eaters, Cosmonauts, Outdoorsmen, Timmy’s Organism, Hussy, Straight Arrows, Hellshovel, Movie Star Junkies, Warm Soda.
Here are the new singles. GBB brings 4 bands from Australia, where is maybe the most exciting musical scene in the world nowadays:
Ausmuteants, Frowning Clouds, Hierophants and Wet Blankets, which is fronted by a 15 years old dude. And last but not least a Trio Banana 7″ also will be released together with Bubca Records.

You can download some previous GBB releases from here.
Sometimes the download links are invisible!


Welcome Goodbye


It’s one of the best European garage rock/punk labels. The Italian label is focusing limited edition 7″ vinyls. Here is the first load in 2016

GB 112 – MILK LINES 7″ single. 250 copies with three different covers.

Band of Jeff Clarke and his wife. Jeff is known from Demons Claws and Hellshovel, Emily is the founder of Bum’s Trading Zone, a flea market where the only rule: do not use money. Debut album has been released last year fall on In The Red Records. Tags on their Bandcamp page (where you can download some demos songs free): country experimental folk country psychedelic rock. (Canada)

GB 113 – SICK THOUGHTS / BLACK PANTIES split 7″ EP. 300 copies.

Apropos of a previous GBB release RNR666 wrote about Sick Thoughts: “Lo-fi raw garage punk. As if the LiveFastDie and the Outdoorsmen would play at the same time. Sometimes like a lo-fi garage Motörhead.”  The Black Panties are similar. The song, Shoot Me in My Head is brilliant, the best Sick Thoughts track what I have ever heard. Sick Thoughts euro tour march 2016!!! (They are from US)

GB 114 – ANDY HUMAN and The REPTOIDS – Sarcastic – 7″ EP. 250 copies with three different covers.

Pop like Devo, Roxy Music, Buzzcocks, X-Ray Spex. Debut album in early 2015 by SS Records. (US)

GB 115 – NO LIMIT 7″ single. 250 copies with three different covers.

Play Jake and Jeff !!! Jake play also Ausmuteants , Frowning Clouds, Hierophants (all was released by GBB) and Jeff in School Damage, Chugga and the Fuckheads. (Australia)

GB 116 – UFUX – III – 7″ single. 250 copies with three different covers.

UFUX is Christopher Ilth’s new band. He was in Functional Blackouts and Daily Void, and play hc-punk. As montage artist he said in an interview: “I gravitated towards Dada & Surrealism through the pioneers of the punk movement in the 70’s. Those art movements shared individuality, autonomy, rebellion. However, punk, while having a visual side through fashion, record sleeves & fliers, was mainly about music. Dada & Surrealism was not only a visual art movement, but was also a revolt of everyday life with manifestos, pranks, and revolution that made a statement against the establishment and reason.” (US)

Be fast if you want one or all of them!

You can find some free Goodbye Boozy releases from the previous years here. For example: Mikal Cronin, Outdoorsmen, Ty Segall, Useless Eaters, BBQ (Mark Sultan), River City Tainlines, King Khan, etc. If you can’t see the download link, seek it with your cursor below the “download:”


Hello Boozy!


New stuff from the world-wide little Italian label

THE TOWELHEADS – 7″ – AUS, surfin’ on sandwaves (distributed by Anti Fade in AUS)
WET BLANKETS – 7″ – AUS, punk (Anti Fade in AUS)
STRANGE ATTRACTOR – single sided 7″ – Canada, garage rock
MARTIN SAVAGE GANG – 7″ – Swedish garage punk rock


From New Records

4 records by Goodbye Boozy Records lo-fi, psych, garage, rock’n’roll, punk

The Hemingers 7"
 Livids 7"

Midnight Stains

 Inutili 12" 
 Americanos order the Inutili 12" HERE

Új lemezekről


Ausztrál psychpunkrock egy olasz kiadótól. A Straight Arrows kislemeze.
All The Time; Hilton Bomber by Goodbye Boozy Records
Az anti-rock Uzi Rash utolsó lemeze. Még néhány koncert, és ebben a formában befejezték. 
Golden Dawn from Coreless Roll Can Liner LP by 1-2-3-4 Go!

Új lemezekről

A Goodbye Boozy kis keletközépolasz kiadó arról híres, hogy először adott ki bakeliten Ty Segallt, Red Masst, BBQ-t vagy King Khant.  
Most 3 amerikai zenekartól dobott kislemezt a piacra pár 100 példányban. Audacity-t, az 1978-ban vezetőjük parancsára, a róla elnevezett településen (ha tudták mit isznak meg) kollektív öngyilkosságot elkövető szektáról nevét vevő, a Szegedy és a Young testvérek alapította The People’s Temple-t:
                                                                                                             See Him Go 
meg Suzy Quattro, Staus Quo és Slade vonalon mozgó Ramma Lamma-t
                                         Do you know

KELLEMETLEN EGY NYAVALYA – Interview with Jesse Allison, the drummer of KLAZO & the head of It’s Trash! Records

A kanadai KLAZO zenekar idei lemeze teljesen levett a lábamról, itt írtam róla ismertető pár hete >> KLIKK! << megígértem, hogy lesz interjú is. Íme. Ja! A csetelés a dobossal,  Jesse Allison-nal történt, aki a It’s Trash! Records ügyeit is igazgatja egyszemélyben. Ha szereted a garage trash-t, a mocskos szinti-punk-ot, vagy akár Dead Boys féle action punk-ot, itt könyékig túrkálhatsz a szemétben! >> KLIKK!! <<

És még valami, csak, hogy érthető legyen a *klazomániára vonatkozó kérdésem. A zenekar neve egy betegségre utal, a klazomániára ami egy tourette szindrómához hasonlító idegrenceri baszás, csak itt a beteg kényszeres kiabálástól szenved, ami szintén tikkelés szerűen jelentkezik. Úgy tűnhet, hogy a betegnek fizikai fájdalmai lehetnek, pedig a kiáltozása nincs összefüggésben fizikai kellemetlenséggel. Kiválthatja agyvelőgyulladás, csak úgy mint szén-monoxid-mérgezés, vagy alkoholfogyasztási zavar. A görög eredetű klazo szó jelentése kiabálás/ordítozás. Kellemetlen egy nyavalya lehet….

Csühes Pali – When, whom and why did you start Klazo?

Jesse Allison  – I formed Klazo in the spring of 2015 with Rob Brake (vocals, guitar) after I got kicked out of another two piece band for going on a trip to Peru. I formed this band because I wanted to be in a band. 

 CS.P. – Unfortunately I am a jerk. Does it make sense (to make a band)?  

J.A. -It makes sense to form a band if you are going to have fun , release records , play with bands you love , tour and not take people’s shit. You are not a jerk Pali, at least not yet.

CS.P. – As it is common known, you are a duo. You are doing it on purpose, or it is because there are no more rock and roll guys around there?

  J.A. -It’s true there is no one in London rock n roll enough to handle the punishment this band gives  except for myself and Rob. 

CS.P.– What is going around in London nowadays? I wonder what kind of people living there and what are they doing on weekdays, because the first thing I have heard about this place is your band.

J.A. -This is a very interesting question and one that could possibly land in me in jail for treason. I will answer it anyways. London Ontario is the self proclaimed Music City. We have also granted ourselves the title of  being a music  UNESCO Heritage Site due to  historical events and  local talent it has produced. We have a wide variety of music , Hip Hop, Metal, Pop Country, Rock Cover Bands and Cringe. The  downside of this is that so many of the old ruins are now parking lots  , we have very few small venues left to play shows.  Help us! 

CS.P. – To be honest I was looking around on the musical scene of London. There were two major cultural things I have found: one was Justin Beiber and the other is Nihilist Spasm Band ( i have an Lp from them, one of the most extreme parts of my collection). For me it looks really interesting, as a local how do you see this diversity? 

J.A. – First off Bieber is from Stratford Ontario (1 hour north) that’s where he grew up. The Nihilist Spasm Band are the pioneers of Experimental Noise who started in the mid 1960s and had a residency at the York Hotel (currently condemned) .The group had still performed on occasion pre pandemic with some of the original members. I saw them once and  chatted with Art Pratten but we were both hard of hearing at the time. I saw their records in Japan once too.

CS.P. – I know you run a label (It’s Trash! Records). Which band is from Killed by Meth compilations what are REALLY fucked up with the meth?

J.A.  – You’ ve heard of my label? Sorry about that . Over the course of the series we call Killed By Meth there has been about 72 bands with over  200 different musicians featured. With this comes a  diversity of people who live clean and those who do not. I personally haven’t heard of anyone that have gotten heavy into methamphetamines per say . However I do know that there was a singer who passed away suddenly from an overdose a few years ago. He was a talent.

CS.P. – Do you have any Hungarian connection? There was a huge migration to Canada during/after World War II. I wonder if there was any Hungarian cultural effect on rock and roll around your place. 

J.A. – This is my first Hungarian connection , I appreciate you reaching out. The only Hungarian culture I’ve experienced is a fantastic restaurant here in London that’s been around for over 60 years. The original founder of the restaurant was a endearingly perverted lady whos husband mysteriously vanished. Try their goulash!

CS.P. – Do you like your neighbours? 

J.A. – Yes I like them. They do not listen to punk though . 

 CS.P. – I hope there will be a sixth Killed by Meth compilation. 

J.A. – I will not be releasing any more Killed By Meth records however I heard some rumblings there may be a #6 being  released from an unknown figure. Isn’t this how the Killed By Death records ended up? 

CS.P. – We havent heard about the Meth Kid since the 3rd episode.

  J.A. – The meth kid? Ohhh do you mean the kid on the killed by meth records hahah! I believe he died / escaped the trailer meth label explosion on the cover of KBM #4 . Could this be predicting the future of more album covers ?? The dog was killed and eaten by the family during KBM #3. I heard dog is popular food in Eastern Europe? 

CS.P. – No, that’s fake. We don’t eat dog. Gypsies eat hamster, moles, gopher, crows, all kinds of shit. Hungarians eat horses (only for sausage!) and we have a strange dish called ‘pacal’ made from the stomach of cow. Not my favorite….

J.A. – I see my western ignorance has perturbed you. Don’t get me wrong I’ve put alot of questionable meats in my mouth. No pun intended.  Pass the Pascal Csuhes! 

 CS.P. – Do you like Motörhead?

J.A. – Yes. I saw Motörhead The Damned and Girls School in Glasgow , Scotland while backpacking through the UK when I was 28.  A bunch of Scotties got me drunk at the hostel I was staying at and I still chat with one of them to this day. 

Cs.P.– Have you got any trick to do Klazo’s dirty sound, or just plug your guitar on and play at 10 vol?

J.A. – Oh the inevitable, talking about gear! .ill keep this short and sweet. An old Ampeg B-25  for the low end , a Fender Deville Combo for the squeals and solos. Yelling . I play an old 4 piece  Japanese Stencil kit that’s a tangerine sparkle and just try not to suck. 

 CS.P. – At 2019 you did an American tour ‘They kalled it Amerika’. How was it? I think this was your last tour before this covid shit?

J.A. -The “They Kalled It Amerika” tour I’d say was our longest tour , farthest tour and maybe the funniest tour Klazo has done.  It was 16 days with 13 shows in 9  states. Looking back the name of the tour is ironic considering what has happened in America the last couple of years. We were supposed to meet up with our local friends band in Memphis but due to unexpected circumstances they had to drop…last minute . This always makes booking a tour that much more rewarding. The dates got filled and the bands and people in their scenes were super accommodating. We only had one show get cancelled at a VFW Hall in Knoxville, TN. so we just made our own fun. Is there ever a bad day on tour? Nope.

 CS.P. -How do you see the future of small undergound touring bands like you?

J.A. – It takes a certain kind of stupid to book a DIY tour,  especially when going to a different country. Living with your friends in a van, getting lost and partying everyday is never dull. I’ve met so many friendly strangers along the way and for that I’m lucky. 

CS.P. – Have you ever met a person who suffering from *klazomania?

J.A. -I can’t say I’ve met an individual clinically diagnosed with Klazomania. I have met alot of close talkers, loud mouths and smoke inhalers though. 

CS.P. – If i know well, you have got a radio show. Tell me more about this, from where we can get the episodes?

J.A. -I’ve been doing radio since 2010, but I’ve been doing It’s Trash since the beginning of 2013. I’ve managed to do over 180 episodes and you can listen live on the radio station or on mixcloud at your own pace, brought to you by Radio Mutation. Lots of other great shows on there as well..

CS.P. – Favorite old and new bands?

J.A. – I love old random Killed by Death punk alot. The weirder and more alienated the better. There are so many great new bands out there , I cannot list them off. You could hear them all on my radio show though!  

CS.P. -Favorite 2 piece bands?

J.A. – The only two piece band that comes to mind would be  Montreal Quebec’s  Deja Voodoo circa  1981-1990 . They are total weirdos. I first discovered them on the Og Label off the compilation ” It Came From Canada vol. 2. With the classic song “Three men one Coffin” . It’s an entirely different flavour of skronk compared to Klazo , but one that I do enjoy . It’s like mutant rockabilly music that’s been pulled out of the bottom of a river in a rusty Edsel. 

CS.P. – Favorite record labels?

J.A. – First and foremost I wanna shout out to Big Neck and No Front Teeth Records for releasing our album ‘Demik Dementia. Thanks for releasing us! I recently got a box Of Goodbye Boozy records in the mail courtesy of a label trade..hmm I got some Feel It RecordsGoner and Total Punk Records for Christmas. Slovenly is cool too!

CS.P. – Favorite poison?

J.A. – Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

CS.P. – One of my favorites too.

J.A. – Thanks for the chit chat Pali. and Remember if it’s Raw If it’s Fast It’s Trashhhhh!!!!!

Na, bazmeg!!! – Klazo / Shitbots / CEO / X-Acto / Paranoise lemezekről 

Klazo : ‘Demik Dementia (Big Neck Rec. / No Front Teeth Rec.) 2022

Na, bazmeg, mintha hájjal kenegetnének! Ez az én világom, ezt keresem és szeretem én a legjobban, pontosan ezt a túlvezérelt, primitív szart, amit ez a két srác (dob+gitár/ének) tol itt nekünk a kanadai Londonból. Kurvagyenge szóviccel élve “London/Ontario – Oltári jó!”. Jó tekerős KBD punk húsz percen keresztül Johnny Ramone-t idéző szőnyegbombázás szerű gitár-terrorral, vagy amikor lekaszálnak gépfegyverrel. Olyan. Gondolom minden tízesre volt tekerve a felvételek során, mert az egész sistereg az elektromosságtól és mivel basszusgitár sincsen, kibaszott élesen szól, így nekem bejátszik egy kis Motörhead hangulat is valamennyire.

Aki szereti a Jay Retard féle The Retards, az orosz Total Rejects, a francia The Fatals vagy az amcsi Livefastdie féle kissé idegbeteg, kapkodós garage punkot, az  jól jár a Klazo-val is az fix! Minden szám extra jó, de kettő nekem így is kiemelkedik, a lemeznyitó és a ‘Smash The Letter’.A lemez beszerzése lehet nem lesz olyan reménytelen, mert a lemezt közösben adta ki a Big Neck Rec. (USA) és a No Front Teeth Rec. (UK).
Interjú a zenekarral hamarosan az RNR666.HU-n !!!!!!!

Teljes lemez itt >>

Shitbots / CEO : split7″ (Goodbye Boozy Records) 2022

Mi van itten februárban, jó zenék hónapja?! Ez is olyan, mintha direkt nekem csinálták volna! Mindkét zenekar Brian projektje. Ő olyan nagyszerű montreáli csapatokban játszik/játszott mint a Demon’s ClawsPrimitive Hands, vagy a Mind Controls. Úgyhogy a minőség borítékolva. A Shitbots két száma akkorát ütött rajtam, hogy bár nagyon kíváncsi voltam a CEO-s oldalra, még egyszer meg kellett hallgatnom egyből, még hangosabban.

Ennél töményebben garage trash-t, blues punkot nem lehet játszani azisbiztos! Nekem full Superhelicopter / The Spamchords hangulata van. Zajos, bunkó zene, ezen nincs mit szépíteni. CEO három száma Lo-fi, félig akusztikus, amolyan betépős zene. Jeff ‘Aranytorkú’ Clarke (Demon’s Claws, Milk Lines, Hellshovel) is szerepel ezekben, bár a hangját én nem hallom, max a ‘Give Me A Call’ ban mintha vokálozna. Nagyon jó az egész, remélem mindkét bandának lesz teljes anyaga hamarosan!

X-Acto / Paranoise split 7″ (Goodbey Boozy Records) 2022  

Te a-ty-a-ú-r-i-s-t-e-n !!!!! Már megint mit szabadított ránk Gabriele az olasz Goodbey Boozy Records főnöke! Itt, az RNR666-nál sosem titkoltuk rajongásunkat a teramoi mini(mal)kiadó iránt. Áradoztunk róla nem egyszer >>> klikk! <<< , interjút is készítettünk a főnivel >>> klikk!! <<< Ezt a 2022-es évet jól beindította ezzel a hatszámos splittel, az kurvaisten!

Az X-Acto valamiféle beteg szinti punk-grind-avantpunk borzalmat vezet elő, az első szám egy olasz bandát a Santa Fiora-t juttatja eszembe és azt a kurvajó koncertet, amit 2009 januárjában adtak Budapesten kb. húszunknak. De a londoni Trencher vagy a  san diegoi The Locust párhuzam sem hülyeség, de ezeknél azért jóval punkabb a hangulat. Nem sok infót találni róluk, a youtube-on van egy koncert. Nagyon agresszíven nyomatják ezek a nagyon fiatal srácok.
Paranoise oldala nem kevésbé zakkant, itt már valamiféle kraut rock is vegyül ebbe a punk rock száguldásba. A lemezoldal végére már addig szítják a tempót a srácok, hogy az utolsó szám egy az egyben olyan, mintha 45-ös fordulatszámon hallgatnál meg egy The Functional Blackouts vagy egy Daily Void nagylemezt. Nem lennék meglepve, ha ez a split évek múlva ilyen hivatkozási alap lenne a punk rock alvilágában.

És az elégedett rockandroll újságíró:

Crude and Minimal Records

5 brand new 7″ EPs by great little Italian label



rock n roll for dumb kids from Australia: GEE TEE

60s garage rock for dumb adults: THE SPOOKIES: members from Italian garage folk rock Mojomatics and psych rock group Squadra Omega together with Pantichrist Butler from American 80/90s garage rock band The Miracle Workers. He has relocated to Switzerland where worked together with Lightning and Reverend Beat-Man, nowadays he is in The Shit. On bass D. P. Jørgensen from Danish garage beat bands David Peter And The Wilde Sect and The Youth.


loud, snotty, boozy, punk rock’n’roll for smart humans by BETA BOYS from US

Canadian PHONE JERKS originally formed as a punk cover band for party dogs, but anyway they are currently available for children’s birthday parties too.

US garage punk rock and roll for mutants by ANDY HUMAN & THE REPTOIDS



There is a fuckin good rock’n’roll band in Philadelphia. So ultra fuckin good that Goodbye Boozy also released them three years before. And at long last here is the new, the second LANTERN album! Black Highways and Green Garden Roads.

This has written about it by their labels: “Taking ideas from the work of Hieronymus Bosch, Carl Sagan, and Mikhail Bulgakov, the new album is an exploration of the natural world and the cosmos, and a celebration of the wonderful, the serious, and the absurd. More so than previous recordings, it is a collaborative effort born of studio improvisation and collective experimentation. The resulting collection is a diverse and sophisticated 14-song program that balances concise pop and lush psychedelic rock with weirder, headier jams.”  And it “is an ambitious and distinctly ’60s-inspired rock ‘n’ roll record, rich with surf, soul, and hard rock textures.”

cassette and digital by Fixture, vinyl by Sophomore Lounge Records

And here is the brilliant first album Rock’n’Roll Rorschach

A konyhafőnök ajánlata

Acid Baby JesusSelected Recordings / Slovenly Recordings (2014)

acid baby jesus borítóJó régi tartozásom már ezt az ismertetőt megírni. Tisztán emlékszem, tavaly novemberben csöngetett, illetve kiabált be a postás és hozta ezt a CD-t. Arra is emlékszek, hogy bár olyan reggel tíz lehetett, mán szépen be voltam vörösborozva. Piszkosul örültem neki! Elkezdtem hallgatni, a második-harmadik számnál kivettem a CD-t, mondván biztos a Slovenlynél valami tévedés folytán egy új Hellshovel lemezt postáztak Acid Baby Jesus tokban. De nem. A CD rendben, a bookletben olvasom a dalszöveget, az is stimmel. Ez bizony az új Acid Baby Jesus! Azóta már a sokadik meghallgatáson túl nem a Hellshovel párhuzam az ami feltűnik az első négy szám kapcsán, hanem az, hogy milyen kurva jó számok ezek, és milyen jó, hogy az első lemez után ebbe az irányba indultak a görög srácok! A következő dal a Who’s First meg annyira jó és egyedi, hogy sokáig az volt az űberkedvenc, erre jön az első kislemez dal, a Vegetable, amire csupán fél évvel az első meghallgatás után is csak úgy tudok gondolni, mint valami klasszikusra. A Troublemaker, a maga Black Sabbathos basszusával, primitív refrénjével szintén az agyamba ragadt vagy két téli hónapra. Az egész lemez annyira sokszínű, hogy nagyon sokáig nyújt meglepetéseket, tuti, hogy nem unod meg néhány hallgatás után. Drogozni kifejezetten ajánlott rá, úgyhogy akár hónapokig el lehet vele szórakoztatni magad. Ha lennének ilyen ős prog rockos, vén hippi haverjaim, nagy örömmel és kíváncsisággal mutatnám meg nekik ezt az albumot, szerintem tetszene nekik.


Useless EatersSingles: 2011-2014 / Slovenly Recordings (2015) Tovább / Read more »

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