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Are you Ready For Boredom? 

From the debut LP of the Australian Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys by RIP Society
Gianni Giublena Rosacroce 
is an alterego of Stefano Isaia, who is the singer of the Movie Star Junkies
Cassette by NO=FI RecordingsYou can hear his previous album HERE

Don’t Cry Baby

MOVIE STAR JUNKIES started as an organ and drum duo in Torino in 2006.
They played Suicide-like music. The duo involved a quintet.
Since then their music has been showing influences of
the music of Birthday Party and Gun Club, and standing
under strong literary impressions.
Their first album was dedicated to Melville, the second one to William Blake.
Those were released on Voodoo Rhythm Records.
Their name was inspired by a John Waters’ photo.

MOVIE STAR JUNKIES in Budapest at RNR666 Party in 2008


They have involved in many other projects

Occult, psych, folk outfits: Gianni Giublena RosacroceLa Piramide di SangeMai Mai MaiFuteisha

Alternative rock bands: Vernon SélavyVermillion SandsThe Me’s (= the bassist Nene Barato with Austro-Hungarian jazz singer Réka Csiszér, French-Vietnamese burlesque performer La-la Morte and Simon from the Swiss Pussywarmers)

oAxAcA free jazz ensemble


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Audacity is rather a power pop band than a garage punk. But in their early times they were a real great garage punk band. Their lost and found first recordings from 2007 are out now.

“Juva Jive” 10″ EP and digital on Cut-Rate, cassette on Burger Records (USA). The best Audacity album forever.


Italian psychedelic rock band La Piramide di Sangue loves you in oriental mood

“Sette” LP and digital  on Boring Machines (Italy)

It’s a seven musician ensemble from Torino. The sound is built on two guitars, two basses, one clarinet, one synth, several effects, drums and percussions. It has started as a solo project of Gianni Giublena Rosacroce (clarinet, percussions) who is an alter-ego of Stefano Isaia, the singer of blues rock and roll band Movie Star Junkies.

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3 black brothers underwent from funk to punk in Detroit, 1974. The trio was called Death. They self-released only one single before they transformed into a gospel rock band in 1977, but later they turned into reggae. The Death stayed fully unknown until 2009. After two archival albums this is the final one, featuring studio recordings from 1975, 1978, 1980 and 1992.

Death III by Drag City. Death is reunited.


Mai Mai Mai is a solo project of Toni from frantic noise rock band Hiroshima Rocks Around and wacky pop duo Trouble vs. Glue. Mai Mai Mai is a travel in time and space: a mix of drone and ambient, techno beats, field recordings and soundscapes on the border between East and West. Delta is second part of his journey across the Mediterranean Sea. His fellows on this trip: a movie star junkie Gianni Giublena Rosacroce on clarinet, Donato Epiro on organs from occult psychedelic duo Cannibal Movie and Piovs on Moog.

Extremely limited one-time pressing LP on Yerevan Tapes. Toni’s first journey.

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At first there was an unlucky name: Pangea. It has changed to a stupid one: together Pangea. Bay area soft garage rock.

Badillac LP by Harvest Records


Gianni Giublena Rosacroce is the solo project of Stefano Isaia. He is known as the singer of the great Italian rock’n’roll band, Movie Star Junkies. Dedalo666, his mate in this project is also from the mentioned band. They make together mystic East-Mediterranean and North-African style* music on piano, marimba, clarinet, cans, glasses, bass and acoustic guitars, drums and percussions. (*Except for the first song, it’s an Indochinese theme.)
Maria Violenza is a Sicilian, who makes electronic music under the influence of her homeland’s mixed cultural heritage. She has written: electro// arabian//punk. I say: lo-fi dark arabesque synth punk.

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce / Maria Violenza split LP by NO=FI Recording (Rome), Lemming (Taranto), Escape From Today (Torino) & Brigadisco Records (Itri)

More music from signorina Violenza. A full show video.

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